How to Fix iBooks Not Syncing Between iPad and iPhone

You can download iBooks, which is an e-book reader app from the App Store. You can find, download and purchase different books in the iBooks app on your iOS device. But some users are not able to synchronize the books between iPad and iPhone. If you are facing iBooks not syncing between iPad and iPhone error, then go through the instructions listed below.

Here’s How to Fix iBooks Not Syncing Between iPad and iPhone

•    Check the Synchronization Settings

1.    Open the Settings tab.

2.    Press on the iBooks.

3.    You need to check where iBooks is enabled or disabled.

4.    Go down and search for the two options, which is known as ‘Sync Bookmarks and Notes’ and ‘Sync Collections’.

5.    You have to enable them so that all the things get synced.

6.    Go through the synchronization settings on your Mac.

7.    Go to the iBooks app on your Mac.

8.    Press on the iBooks option.

9.    It is located in the menu list.

10.    This menu list is given at the upper side of the screen.

11.    Select the Preferences option.

12.    Go through the checkbox ‘Highlight, Collection across devices, sync bookmarks’ option given in the General option.

•    Reset User Interface of iBooks

1.    Go to the iBooks app.

2.    You need to click on the iBooks symbol on the iPhone or iPad.

3.    Press on the Featured or My Books option.

4.    It will start resetting the iBooks user interface.

5.    You can search for the iBooks in the collection symbols.

•    Turn off the iCloud on Your iPhone or iPad

1.    Click on the Settings tab.

2.    Press on the iCloud option.

3.    Disable the iCloud option and wait for a few minutes.

4.    After that, enable the iCloud option.

5.    In case this does not solve this issue, then disable the iBooks option by going to the iCloud.

6.    After that, enable the iBooks again.

•    Reinstall iBooks App on Your iPhone and iPad

1.    Search for the iBooks app on the iPhone or iPad.

2.    Keep pressing on the iBooks application for a few seconds.

3.    Now, you will find one option with the small cross on the symbol to delete the app.

4.    Click on it and wait until the uninstallation procedure gets completed.

5.    Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

6.    Find the iBooks app.

7.    Open the App Store option in your iPhone and iPad.

8.    Find the iBooks app.

9.    Start downloading and installing the app.

10.    Now, you need to check whether you have fixed iBooks not syncing between iPad and iPhone.

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