How To Fix Google Search Not Working Issue On Android

Google Search is something you need every day.. Google search engine brings the world and tons of information, images, videos, and news feed at your fingertips. Google Search comes pre-installed in smartphones today, and it is the biggest and most popular search engine all around the world. It is one of the most used and accurate online searches that is available at your fingertips. If there’s an issue in operating the tool on your smartphone, here are some effective steps to resolve the issue.

Check The Internet Connection

Users need to check internet connection on the device and see if it’s working or not. As we all know, Google search requires an internet connection to operate. If you use it with Wi-Fi, check the router and re-plug it into the electric slot.

Restart Google App

Restarting app does not always mean we remove it from background. Users need to force stop the app from the settings menu and restart it exactly from there. Sometimes, it needs to be restarted to work properly. Open the app again and see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Clear Google App Cache

Many of the mobile and PC browsers have the option of clearing cache. The cache is like junk for the Google app as well as for browser. Open settings and go in storage section to remove cache from the app. Google Chrome on your smartphone works just fine by clearing the junk and cache from the device. Users can easily resolve the Google Search not working issue by following this step.

Update The App

Just like many of the other applications on your smartphone issues if they aren’t updated, Google Search is no different. Just update the app by going in Google Play Store on your smartphone, and it will fix the issue in no time. Updated applications come with new features which users find quite useful and stunning.

Disable The App

Disabling comes when you have followed every step but couldn’t resolve the issue. Google App cannot be uninstalled from your device because it’s a built-in app and comes pre-installed in smartphones. There is an option available in settings bar from where users can easily disable the app and enable it after some time. Just tap on the disable icon and confirm it in the second tap, restart your phone and you are good to go.

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