How to Fix Google Chrome Not Updating

Everyone uses Google Chrome as their default browser. But some users are reporting Google Chrome not uploading issue when they try to update Adobe Flash Player or other Google Components. If you are also facing the same problem with Google Chrome, then go through the method given below to fix this issue.

Here’s how to Fix Google Chrome Not Updating

•    Delete Problematic Module Cache

1.    Click on the Windows and R keys together for opening the Run context menu.

2.    Enter “appdata” in the search bar.

3.    Click on the Enter option for opening the cache option.

4.    Click twice on the Local file.

5.    After that, press on the Google file.

6.    Click twice on the Google Chrome file.

7.    After that, click twice on the User Data file.

8.    You have yo right-click on the file that has the name of the modules.

9.    Press on the Delete option.

10.    After that, press on the Yes button.

11.    Now, you have to check that Google Chrome not updating is fixed or not.

12.    In case you are not able to fix this issue by using this procedure, then go through the other method mentioned in this article.

•    Update Adobe Flash Player Component

1.    Go to Google Chrome.

2.    Open a new window.

3.    Enter the below-mentioned address in the search bar.


4.    Once you have typed the address as mentioned above, click on the Enter option.

5.    Go to the menu list.

6.    Press on the “Check for Updates” option given below the “Adobe Flash Player” option.

7.    Once you have clicked on that option, you will get a text named as “Component not Updated”  on the screen.

8.    Go to a new window.

9.    Open the Adobe Flash player installation website.

10.    Unselect the additional offers.

11.    After that, press on the Install Now option.

12.    The “FlashPlayer.exe” will get downloaded after a few minutes.

13.    Once it completed the downloading process, press on the “.exe” in the given box.

14.    The installing process of Adobe Flash Player will start automatically.

15.    The essential files also get downloaded on the system.

16.    Once you have completed the installation process of Adobe Flash Player, start the web browser again.

17.    Return to the “Components” webpage which is mentioned on the steps mentioned above.

18.    Press on the “Check for Updates” option given below the “Adobe Flash Player” option.

19.    The Component Downloading text starts showing on the screen.

20.    Now, you have successfully updated the component.

21.    Check that you have fixed Google Chrome not updating issue.

•    Update Other Components

1.    Click on the Google Chrome browser.

2.    Open a new tab.

3.    Enter the address mentioned below in the search bar.


4. Once you have typed this address, choose the Enter option.

5. Press on the Check for Updates option for every component.

6. Let the updating procedure of other components gets completed on the system.

7. It can be possible that some components indicate “Component not updated” but don’t worry they have completed the updating process.

8. Check whether you have fixed Google Chrome not updating issue.
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