How to Fix Destiny 2 Stuck on Initializing Error

Destiny 2 is an online shooting game which is designed by Bungie. You will get this on many different platforms like PS4, Xbox, and Windows. Many users are reporting Destiny 2 stuck on initializing error while updating it. Do you want to fix Destiny 2 stuck on initializing error? Follow the steps mentioned below.

Here’s How to Fix Destiny 2 Stuck on Initializing Error

  • Remove Destiny 2 from Your Installation Directory
  1. Exit from the client.
  2. Click on the Windows and E keys together.
  3. It will open the Windows Explorer.
  4. Go to the below-mentioned directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)

  1. After that, find the Destiny 2 folder.
  2. Rather than deleting the Destiny 2 folder, you need to rename it just like ‘ Temp Destiny 2.
  3. Go to
  4. Go to Destiny 2.
  5. Rather than updating it, you will get the Install option on the screen.
  6. Press on the Install option.
  7. After completing the installation process, start changing the name of Destiny 2 folder.
  8. Return to the client.
  9. After that, choose the Start Install option.
  10. Once you have that file, the updating process starts automatically on the device.
  11. You have to wait until the updating process gets over completely on the device.
  12. Once you have updated the game, open it.
  13. Check if you have solved the Destiny 2 stuck on initializing error.
  • End the Processes
  1. Click on the Windows and R keys together.
  2. Enter “taskmgr” in the prompt box.
  3. Click on the Enter option.
  4. After opening the task manager, find the Blizzard.
  5. Press on every Blizzard.
  6. Press on the End task option.
  7. Once you have completed all these tasks, open the Blizzard app.
  8. Begin the updating process of Destiny 2.
  9. Check whether you have fixed the Destiny 2 stuck on initializing error.
  • Power Cycle and Check Internet Connection
  1. Remove the main power cable of the Wi-Fi router and the system.
  2. Keep pressing on the power button for a few seconds.
  3. Wait for a few minutes.
  4. Connect everything again.
  5. After that, wait until everything gets connected.
  6. Then, you need to check whether the Destiny 2 stuck on initializing error is fixed.
  • Clear Your Storage Space
  1. Click on the Windows and E keys together.
  2. It will open the File Explorer.
  3. Press on This PC option.
  4. It is located on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.
  5. Go through the details given below every drive and look for empty space.
  6. In case you don’t find it, start cleaning the unwanted files.
  7. Delete the software which is taking more storage space.
  8. Open the Disk Cleaner.
  9. You need to right-click on the drive.
  10. Press on the Disk Cleaner option.
  11. After cleaning the unwanted files, start the system again.
  12. Open the launcher.
  13. Check whether the problem is fixed or not.

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