How to Find Your Forgotten Wi-Fi Password

Failed to connect your other devices with your Wi-Fi because of incorrect password? Find the correct password to connect them without trouble. Finding a Wi-Fi password is not so difficult, there are multiple ways to check it. You can choose the one you find simple. The password of a Wi-Fi can be easily seen in the settings of connected device such as a Windows or Mac computer, not on mobile. If you’ve also forgotten your Wi-Fi password, check the various methods given in this article. Here is how to find your forgotten Wi-Fi password.

Find your Wi-Fi password on your router or its documents

If you didn’t change the password even once after setting up your router, then possibly you may find the password by checking your Wi-Fi router and documents. Users who have changed their password recently or after owning the router, skip this method, and try the other ones.

Check your router’s body:

Most manufacturers provide the router’s password on the router’s body. They stick a small sticker on the back or bottom panel of the router’s case that has router’s password written on it. Find the label on your router or look for the ‘SSID’ code as sometimes the password is also given near it.

Check your router’s manual or packing box:

Although fewer people keep these items safe. In case you also have kept your router’s packing box or manual safe, then you should check them. Look if there is any sticker on the packing box and also check the manual book thoroughly. Some manuals have included a separate card find if the password is given onto it.

Use your Windows PC to find your Wi-Fi password

With this method, you can only find the password if your PC is connected to the Wi-Fi network whose password you’ve forgotten. In addition, your computer should only be connected to the network wirelessly, not through the Ethernet cable. You’ll see a ‘Wi-Fi’ icon at the left corner in the taskbar when you’re connected wirelessly.

  1. Click on the ‘Wi-Fi’ icon in the taskbar. It is at the right side in the taskbar near the speaker icon.
  2.   Click on ‘Network & Internet settings’ in the popup Wi-Fi menu.
  3. Network & Internet settings window opens on the screen, select ‘Wi-Fi’ from the Network & Internet list in the left column.
  4. Then under ‘Related Settings’ at the upper right corner, click ‘Change adapter options.’ This opens the Network Connections window under Control Panel.
  5. Right click on the Wi-Fi connection you’re connected with and whose password you want to find.
  6. Select ‘Status’ under the menu. Alternatively, select the Wi-Fi network and click on ‘View status of this connection’ in the menu underneath the address bar.
  7. Click on ‘Wireless Properties’ under the window prompts on the screen.
  8. Then open the ‘Security’ tab. Here the box next to ‘Network security key’ has your Wi-Fi password.
  9. Check ‘Show character’ box. Enabling this option reveals your password hidden inside the black dots.

Use your Mac to find your Wi-Fi password

Unlike Windows PC, Mac does not need to be connected to the Wi-Fi network to find the Wi-Fi password. Here is still how can you find the password on Mac.

  1. Start ‘Finder’ on your Mac.
  2. Open the ‘Go’ tab from the top menu. It is the sixth option in the menu items.
  3. Click on ‘Utilities’ in the drop-down menu. You can also use shortcut keys given next to it to open the “Utilities” window directly.
  4. Click twice on the ‘Keychain Access’ icon. This should be in the second row near the right side.
  5. You’ll see a list of network’s name on your Mac’s screen, find the Wi-Fi network name whose password you want to see. To easily find it, click on the ‘Name’ category at the top, this will sort the keychain list alphabetically.
  6. Double click on your Wi-Fi network. This opens a small Network window on the screen.
  7.    Here you’ll see the details of the network, including Name, Kind, Account.
  8. Check the ‘Show password’ box at the bottom.
  9. A window that pops up at the top will ask you to enter a password, provide the password you used to login to your Mac.
  10. Then click the ‘Allow’ button.

As soon as you click the button, your Wi-Fi password starts appearing in the password field. You can also visit your router’s page to find your Wi-Fi password.

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