How to Edit Snapchat Text Messages

Snapchat is popular for its policy that if you have sent any text to one of your friends, then you can’t edit it. There is an option to remove the unread Snaps, but there is no option to edit Snapchat text once you have sent it. Go through some instructions mentioned below to complete this procedure.

Steps to Edit Snapchat Text

•    Open the Updated Snapchat application located on the home screen of the phone or tablet.

•    In case you have signed out from the Snapchat account while updating the Snapchat application, then you have to sign in to the Snapchat account again.

•    Open the Camera display.

•    The Camera is the first thing you will get while going to the home screen.

•    In case you have launched the Stories and Chats menu to check whether there is anything new, then press on the circle symbol provided at the end of the display.

•    Open the Memories section.

•    After opening the Camera window, you will get the small circle symbol given under the Camera option. That is called Memories option.

•    Press on the Memories option so that the memories column gets open on the screen.

•    After the Memories column start showing on display, you will get the two options on the screen such as Camera Roll and Snaps tabs.

•    The former permits you to start editing the photo which you have stored on the Camera  Roll.

•    There you will get the option to view and edit the Snaps which you have stored on the Memories section.

•    Select any memories which include snaps you want to edit.

•    Find the Camera Roll.

•    Otherwise, find the Snaps column for the photo which you wish to edit.

•    After getting the snaps, press on it.

•    After loading the photo, press on the Edit and Send options.

•    When you press on the option, it will open the menu list of all the actions which are available now.

•    You will get the menu list at the end of the display.

•    On the left -hand corner of the menu list, you will get the Share, Edit, and Delete options.

•    An azure color circle located on the right-hand side will launch the Send menu.

•    Press on the Pencil symbol for opening the Edit menu provided at the upper side of the display.

•    In the Edit menu, you will get the five symbols such as Paintbrush, letter, sticker, scissors, T, and many others.

•    To the left-hand side of the symbols, you will get the Done option.

•    The Snapchat Timer symbol is given at the end of the display.

•    Now, the text box and keyboard start showing on the display which permits you to enter anything in the text.

•    The maximum number of characters should be there in the text is eighty.

•    Press on the T symbol for changing the text color and size.

•    Use the color slider for changing the color of the text which is provided on the right-hand corner of the display.

•    Press on the Done option.

•    Now, you can change the text angle,

•    Pull the caption bar where you wish to get it on display.

•    After following all these steps, you can send or share the Snap.

•    Press on the arrow symbol located in the end right-hand side of the display.

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