How to Download Videos From Netflix?

Netflix is a popular media streaming platform that is packed with content. To watch the content, you have to stream it online. However, if you want to watch it offline, then you need to download the Netflix videos. Here’s how

Watch Videos Offline on (iPhone /Android)

You can watch Netflix videos offline on iPhone and Android devices. Just follow these steps.

•    Firstly, you have to turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone and connect it to a network.

•    After that, you need to go to your device’s app store and install the Netflix application. If you have done this already, then install the updates, if available.

•    Then you can launch the Netflix application on your device.

•    Thereafter should can enter your email ID and password to log in to your Netflix account. You can also sign up for a free trial.

•    Now, you can click on the vertical ellipsis menu button.

•    After that, tap on “Available for Download.”

•    Then you can locate your desired show or movie that you want to download.

•    Now, tap on the Download option on a movie or show’s screen.

•    Thereafter wait until the download gets over.

•    After that, tap on vertical ellipsis menu icon.

•    Tap on “My Downloads.”

•    Now, open the saved file to begin watching.

Record with OBS (Windows/Mac)

 You can record screen with open broadcast software on Windows and Mac. So, here are the steps given below.

•    Firstly, you have to go to the Open Broadcast Software website on your web browser.

•    This source will permit you to record the computer’s display.

•    After that, you can Download OBS Studio.

•    OBS is working for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Click on the operating system that you are using.

•    After downloading the file, you can run the installer.

•    Now, you can follow the instructions to install OBS.

•    After installing complete, you can open the OBS.

•    Then you can click on the Settings button.

•    Thereafter you can click on Hotkey tab in the left pane.

•    Now, select the “Start Recording” section.

•    Choose the key combination which you wish to use.

•    Then you can click on the Stop Recording section.

•    Now, again select the key combination that you wish to use.

•    Thereafter click on the Output tab.

•    After that, click on Browse in the Recording Path section.

•    Click on the Recording Format menu.

•    Select MP4.

•    Click on Apply and then OK.

•    Select the + option from the source list.

•    Now, click on Display Capture.

•    Choose OK.

•    Untick the Capture Cursor box.

•    Click on OK.

•    Thereafter you can mute the microphone.

•    Close the additional applications.

•    After that, you can go to Chrome or Firefox browser.

•    Then you can go to the Netflix program and sign in.

•    Choose the video that you wish to play.

•    Click on Full-Screen button.

•    Press the created combination key to begin recording.

•    You can click on Play on Netflix.

•    Let the video play to the end.

•    Press the keys to stop recording.

•    Now, you can use the editor app to trim your video.

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