How to Download a Playlist from YouTube on Mobile or PC

Today, everybody uses YouTube for different reasons. On YouTube, we get videos for everything; either it is a guide to install Dauntless, making yummy recipes, or funny videos of crazy cats. YouTube requires a good network connection and internet speed to stream videos on it. Therefore, many people like to download the playlists before going to a place where they think the network or internet connection gets affected. It’s a good idea if you’re addicted to YouTube and don’t want to stop watching it. Here is how to download a playlist from YouTube on mobile or PC.

How to download a playlist from YouTube on PC

A YouTube playlist is a collection of similar videos based on common factors. It can be consist of episodes of a TV shows, series of short films, songs by the same artist or genre, or something different. If you want to watch videos or listen to music non-stop without any disturbance, like searching for the next track or changing the music, again and again, find or create a playlist. Once you find one, follow these steps to download the playlist from YouTube.

There are various programs that can download YouTube playlist on PC. You can choose any one of them.

To download a playlist via YouTube playlist:

YouTube playlist is a website that can download anything from YouTube. From the site, you can download from an MP3 file to HD videos and a complete playlist. Only it requires the URL of the thing that needs to be downloaded. Go through below instructions to download a playlist on your computer.

1.    Start the browser and open the website.

2.    Select the Download option, cancel or close the pop-up if asked to download software.

3.    Now, open YouTube and go to the playlist you want to download.

4.    Copy the URL of the playlist page from YouTube.

5.    Return to YouTube playlist website and paste the URL in the center search box.

6.    Press ‘Enter’.

7.    Select the quality or format.

8.    Wait for the website to access and arrange playlist data. It will also display it at the bottom of the page.

9.    Click the download button of each track.

Once it completes processing, you can download your playlist as well as export it to the Spotify.

How to download a playlist from YouTube app on Android

1.    Open the ‘YouTube’ app.

2.    Tap the top ‘Search’ bar to search playlists. If you’ve created your playlist and want to download it, then open the ‘Library.’

3.    Type the playlist title in the search bar and start searching. If you’re in the Library, then navigate to the ‘Playlists’ section.

4.    Select the playlist.

5.    Hit the ‘Download’ button.

6.    Choose download quality. You can choose from Low-144p to HD-720p or above.

7.    Tap the blue ‘OK.’

8.    Again tap ‘OK’ on the pop-up.

As a playlist contains numerous items, it takes time to download. Wait until complete downloading.

For Android, there is also an unverified app “Videoder” that can download the playlist from YouTube. But, this app is not available on the Google PlayStore, you need to download it from the web. Visit “” to download the Videoder app on your Android device.

How to download a playlist from YouTube on iPhone or iPad

1.    Open the ‘YouTube’ app.

2.    Tap the ‘Magnifying’ icon to search the playlist.

3.    Enter the playlist name into it. If you have a URL link of the playlist, then you can also use it.

4.    Tap ‘Search’.

5.    Then tap the ‘Tuning’ (Filter) icon near the top right corner.

6.    And select ‘Playlist’ for CONTENT TYPE.

7.    Close the filter menu by clicking the ‘X’ icon.

8.    Now, select the playlist.

9.    Hit the ‘Download’ button.

10.    Choose download quality. You can choose from Low-144p to HD-720p or above.

11.    Tap the blue ‘OK.’

12.    Wait for the playlist to download completely.

Now, watch your favorite show or listen to music even when you don’t have a network or internet connection.

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