How to Disable the Game Bar on Windows 10

Windows 10 offers the Game Bar, which is an outstanding tool that allows gamers to record their game and share with others. You don’t need external software for capturing your gaming prowess. Though, if you don’t want to use the Game Bar, you have the option to disable it as well. Even Game Bar offers additional processes known as Game DVR and Xbox Game Monitoring. You can disable them with ease too. Check out the disabling process described below.

Disabling the Game Bar in Windows 10

To see the Game bar on your PC, you need to hit the Window key and G button at the same time or the dedicated Xbox button. But, for disabling the same feature, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First, go to the Start Button available on the bottom left section of your screen and right click over there.

  • From there, visit Settings and then click on Gaming.

  • You will see Game Bar on the left side, choose it.

  • Now, find the switch right below the Record game clips and toggle it off.

  • The Game Bar will be successfully disabled in this way.

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Disabling the Game DVR in Windows 10

Game Bar consists of Game DVR that helps users in recording the gameplay in the background as well as saving a crucial moment in a game. You can easily capture the surprising moments with it, but it also decreases the performance of your computer because it uses your system’s resources. If Game DVR is not useful for you, disable the feature in your computer. Here’s the process:

  • As usual, go to the Start Button available on the bottom left section of your screen and right click on it.

  • Go to Settings from there and then Gaming.

  • Now, click the Game DVR option.

  • Toggle off the “Record in the background while I’m playing a game” switch to disable Game DVR.

  • In this way, you can turn off Game DVR on your computer.

Disabling Xbox Game Monitoring

If you wish to disable Xbox game monitoring, the process is a bit complex. Xbox Game Monitoring is helpful for gamers as it can monitor the game that you play. But, a lot of gamers complain that it reduces the performance and crashes services like Steam. The disabling process is complicated because you need to go into the Registry. Hence, back up the registry files before starting the disabling process. Follow this process for disabling Xbox Game Monitoring:

  • Hit the Windows Key and R button and enter “regedit.” After that, hit the Enter button.

  • You will see the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” option on the screen, double-click on it.

  • Then, double-click on the “SYSTEM” option.

  • Move forward by double-clicking “CurrentControlSet” and then “Services.”

  • Click on xbgm and find the “Start REG_DWORD” option on the screen. It is destined to be the right section of the window. Once you find it, right click over there and click the Modify option.

  • End the process by changing the default value to 4 from 3 and click the OK option.

In this way, Xbox Game Monitoring Service will be disabled. To turn it on again, change the 4 back to the 3.

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