How to Delete Your Browsing History on iPhone?

Deleting All Data

You can delete all data on the iPhone. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, make sure that the process will totally erase all the data of your device.
  • After that, you can launch the Settings application.
  • Then you can choose the General option.
  • Thereafter move down and tap on “Reset” option.
  • Now, select “Erase All Content and Settings” to clear everything.
  • You can wait for the resetting process will finish.
  • After that, go through the setup process.

Through the help of these steps, you can remove the browsing history and all data from your iPhone. Follow the above-mentioned steps carefully, you can remove the browsing history on your iPhone. If you do not want the history to be saved, then you can browse in private mode. In incognito mode, your browsing history will not get stored, and you can surf the web without having to worry about deleting the history later.

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