How to Assign Names and Remember Birthdays with Google Home

If you have a big family, then the chances of forgetting any member’s birthday are slightly high. While you can note down the birthdays of people on the calendar, you may still miss it. With Google Home speakers, you can not only tell Google Assistant how to identify each family member, but you can also ask it to remind you about their birthdays.

How to Assign Names for Family Members?

Here is how you can teach Google Home to identify family members by their voice

  1. Unlock your phone.

  2. Launch the Google Home application.

  3. Go to the Profile option.

  4. Select Settings.

  5. Select Your People.

  6. Touch the option called Remember a Family Member.

  7. Now, the app shall initiate a dialog. Follow the commands and make sure you add all your family members.

Pro Tip 

Ensure that you have told Google Assistant the same name that is listed in the address book for the particular contact. For instance, you cannot ask Google to call your sister if you have her contact saved by her name, Jessica Samson.

When you ask Google Assistant to call a family member, Google shall match the name you have given to the contact saved on your phone. Go to Your People and see the members who are saved and how Google Assistant remembers them. In case you make any mistake, select the Forget Details option.

How to get birthday reminders for family members?

  1. Launch the Google Home application on the device.

  2. Now, on the lower right-hand corner, you will see a profile icon. Select it.

  3. From the menu, touch Settings.

  4. Scroll down and select Remember a Birthday.

  5. You can now have a dialog with Google. The Assistant will ask you to speak something such as “September 21 is the birthday of Jessica Samson.” In case Google Assistant does not recognize the individual, then you shall be required to speak the name of the person that is saved in the contact list of your phone.

  6. Google Assistant shall now ask you to confirm whether the individual you have named matches the contact on your phone. Select Yes or No.

  7. Now, verify the birth date of the person by saying Yes, when prompted.


In case you had already added an individual and their birthday, then you can check it by asking Google Assistant when that person’s birthday is. After that, you can command Google to call the person.

How to Birthday Events on Calendar with Google Home?

Another quick method for remembering birthdays using Google Assistant is by adding them to the phone’s calendar.

Just go to the Calendar app in your phone, and manually enter all the details regarding the birthday. Or else, you can just say, “Hey Google, add Jessica Samson’s birthday event.”

The birthday event saved on the Calendar can be edited or removed. To cross-check, you can just ask Google what is on your calendar.

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