How to Add Contact Info to Your Lock Screen Wallpaper

What will you do when your phone gets misplaced? Don’t worry, there are many ways to get your phone back. The easiest step you can take to get your Android or iPhone back is to add contact info to your lock screen wallpaper. Go through the steps listed below to complete this procedure.

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Steps to Add Contact Info to Your Android Lock Screen Wallpaper

•    Open the Settings menu.

•    Press on the Security button.

•    Press on the Owner info option.

•    It will open the window where you can enter all the important details.

•    Go through the checkbox given near to the “Show owner info on the lock screen” option.

•    Enter the details which you want to show as your contact info.

•    Press on the back option.

•    Now, the Android lock screen will show the details which you have entered.

Steps to Add Contact Info to Your iOS Lock Screen Wallpaper

•    Now, there is a requirement of the editing software.

•    If you use Photoshop software, then you will get a more professional look.

•    Start cropping the photo to ensure that the photo is in the selected size.

•    After getting the spot, start drawing the box and choose any dark color to fill it in the box.

•    This procedure is because the text looks separate from the photo.

•    Start using the text tool in the image editor to enter the contact info inside the box which you have created.

•    You should fill the light color so that you can read the text clearly.

•    After satisfying with selected wallpaper, you need to save and export the photo in the format which is compatible with the iPhone.

•    Pair the iOS device to the computer through USB cable.

•    Otherwise, start using programs such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

•    Go to the Settings application for the iOS device.

•    Search and press on the Wallpaper where you will get the “Choose a New Wallpaper” option.

•    Search for the photo you have created already.

•    Once you have adjusted the photo, press on the Set option to confirm your choice.

•    Now, you need to lock the iOS device to view the wallpaper you have set.

Steps to Add Contact Info to Your Lock Screen Wallpaper Through the Over App

•    Download the Over application from the App Store if you are using the iOS device.

•    Otherwise, download it from the Google Play Store in case you are using Android device.

•    You have to search for the photo to add it on the lock screen.

•    After getting the photo, open the Over application.

•    On the Over application, find the photo and open on it.

•    Now, the two boxes start showing over the photo.

•    Choose the box where you wish to add the text.

•    Press on the Done option.

•    Click on the end of the text to place it in the place where you can easily find it on your lock screen.

•    After completing the editing process, press on the Save option.

•    You have successfully created the photo now.

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