You can do a lot more with your PlayStation 4 console than just playing games. If you’ve already known this, possibly you’re taking full advantage of your console. In addition to playing the games you can use your console to stream TV shows and movies, play Blu-ray discs as well as listen to music. Along with these additional features, you’ve also got a web browser integrated with your PlayStation 4 that you can use to surf the web. The browser in your PlayStation somewhat looks like Apple’s popular browser, “Safari.” If instead of gaming, you want to enjoy other activities in your PS4, then you’ll need to know how to use your PS4 browser.

As you’ve to use your gaming controller to use the browser, controlling could be difficult with it. You might want to access your frequently used websites quickly, that you can only do through bookmarks. Once a site is added to the bookmarks, accessing it would become easy. Here is how to add and manage bookmarks in your PlayStation 4 browser.

How to bookmark a website in your PS4 browser

Like browsers in other devices, your console’s browser also allows you to save the websites and webpages as bookmarks. Here is how.

Note: Before everything, you must know about using your controller to control the browser’s functions.

1.    Launch your PS4 browser and go the website or webpage you want to save as a bookmark. If it is already opened, continue to the next point.

2.    When you reach to the webpage, click the ‘OPTIONS’ key on your gaming controller. Pressing the key will bring up a menu with several options on your PlayStation’s screen.

3.    In the pop-up menu, go to the ‘Add Bookmark’ option and select it. This opens a new Add Bookmark window with the website’s name and address of the webpage.

4.    You can select and edit the name as well as the address as you want. But changing anything in the URL address can corrupt it, and it will become invalid. Therefore, don’t change anything in the address bar, although you can give the name of your choice.

5.    Select the ‘OK’ button to save the website as a bookmark.

This way you can save further websites you’d like to add the bookmarks to access them quickly in the future. Now, you may want to view your saved bookmarks, instructions for it is given below.

How to view and open saved bookmarks in your PS4 browser

1.    After adding a website to the bookmarks, go back to the ‘OPTIONS’ menu. If you’ve closed it or restarted the browser, then you can bring up the menu with the ‘OPTIONS’ button of your gaming controller.

2.    In the pop-menu, go down to the ‘Bookmarks’ and select it.

3.    Bookmarks screen will now open on the screen with all the bookmarks you’ve saved. If you’ve added a lot of websites, then you’ll see a big list of bookmarks. You can directly open a web page from here by selecting the bookmark of it.

4.    Find and select the bookmark from the list you want to load. Use ‘Left’ navigation button on your gaming controller to move through the list.

5.    Then click the ‘X’ key to load the website.

How to delete saved bookmarks from your PS4 browser

If you’ve saved unnecessary websites as bookmarks, then you can remove them easily with the steps below.

1.    Go to the Bookmarks screen where your bookmarks are stored.

2.    Find the one that you don’t need anymore and want to remove. Press ‘Left’ navigation button on your gaming controller to move through the bookmarks.

3.    Select the bookmark and click the ‘OPTIONS’ button on your PS4 controller. A menu comes out from the left side of the display.

4.    Select ‘Delete’ in the menu.

5.    And click the ‘X’ key. This will open a new bookmark selection screen, and now you can choose more unwanted bookmarks that you’d like to delete.

6.    Move through the bookmarks and use the ‘X’ button to select them.

7.    Once you choose all the bookmarks, you want to delete, select the ‘Delete’ button at the bottom to confirm.

All your selected bookmarks will be removed immediately from your PS4 browser.

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