Guide to Resolve Double-Click to Install Feature on iPhone X

Do you know iPhone or iPhone X has a very simple procedure for installing applications? However, many iPhone users have encountered this Double-click to install feature on iPhone X. Although Apple recently included this process while installing any applications for the protection of their iPhone or also with some security reasons. Alternatively, pressing the ‘Get’ tab user have to Double-Click on the option which they want to install. However, the iPhone X Double-Click feature is created by keeping in mind that users want to install any of the application or program, just pay for that app and easily get the updates. By doing this, users don’t create any bad decisions while installing the applications which are not wanted or required by users, so that one cannot install any PUPs into their iPhone X automatically.

Furthermore, the message indicates that Double-Click to install, pay, unlock, update, and not even clear what actually user need to do during the time Double-Click button shows on the screen, or any type of animation that pops-up next to the side of the iPhone screen. Though, it’s not an on-screen tab which needs clicking only. Alternatively, the message double-clicking refers to the side button on the iPhone screen, so activated the face ID verification of the users by which easily able to install, update, pay, unlock, and various other things that users want to do. Sometimes, this Double-Click to install feature on iPhone X is frustrating for users and takes more time of users. Unluckily, user cannot disable this feature, only resolve this feature by following some simple steps which are discussed below. Well, the steps are quite easy and simple, but still, we suggest you follow them in the correct series as illustrated to save time and prevent unwanted errors. The steps are mentioned below.

Steps to Resolve Double-Click to Install Feature on iPhone X

Although the Double-Click to Install feature on iPhone X is not just a bug or a type of system malware issue so that users can easily troubleshoot the issue with few solutions which are discussed below. Even though these type of security features begin creating problems under specific conditions. Here follow the given solutions and troubleshoot issues in a jiffy. Learn how to do it:

Restart the iPhone

In order to troubleshoot Double-Click to Install Feature on iPhone X issue follows the steps which are listed below:

  1. Long press the ‘Side’ tab and ‘Volume’ tab altogether till the slider appears on the iPhone X screen.

  2. Now, toggle the slider switch to power off the iPhone X.

  3. After that, again long press the ‘Side’ tab until an Apple logo appears on the screen.

  4. Alternatively, you can do so by:

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option.

  • Click on the ‘General’ tab.

  • Choose the ‘Shut Down’ option of shutting down the device.

Verify Restrictions

  1. For checking restrictions, follow the steps in the same sequence:

  2. Move to the ‘Settings’ option and click on it to open it on the screen.

  3. After that, press the ‘General and Restrictions’ tab.

  4. Next, choose ‘Enable Restrictions’ option.

  5. If a user wants to set up any password for restrictions, then set it up. Just ensure that it is one of the secured and easy to remember option for every user.

  6. Lastly, drag the ‘Installing Apps’ option.

Once completing the steps, make sure that the application you have chosen can now get installed into the system.

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