Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 11

Apple is all set to launch new phones in the market. The iPhone event by Apple mostly goes live around the first week of September, and it is destined to take place around this time only in 2019. The company might launch three new phones in the market this time as well. Its first phone, which is rumored to be iPhone XI, is likely to be a better successor of iPhone XS. The second phone might be the iPhone 11 Max with a 6.5-inch display.

There are chances that the iPhone 11 and iPhone Max might get the triple-camera setup, along with a USB Type-C port. Though, the iPhone 11R will only have dual rear-facing cameras. The only thing common in all these iPhones is that they will be the first iPhones to run iOS 13. If you are concerned about the improvements, you will get a system-wide dark mode and more. Let’s check out everything in detail.

Three exclusive iPhones in 2019

Apple will launch three iPhone variants this year, including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R. The size of the phones will be almost the same, though. It is not confirmed yet whether all these models will be released in the market together or separately.

New iPhones will come with iOS 13

Earlier at WWDC 2019, Apple confirmed about iOS 13. It is destined to be available in fall this year. The phones will have iOS 13 for sure, and even older iPhones will get them. However, because of dated hardware, you will not be able to use it properly on old iPhones.

Here are the top notable improvements that you will see in iOS 13:

* System-wide dark mode

* A dedicated Find My app

* Exclusive reminders app

* Exciting video and photo editing features in the Photos app

Improved cameras in new iPhones

The camera department might become a lot better in the iPhone 11. In the leaked 2019 iPhone moulds, you can see a square-shaped camera module that boasts around two or three cameras respectively. According to a Bloomberg report, the iPhone 11 Max is destined to have three-camera setup. If you are concerned about cameras a lot, check out the details given below.

* iPhone 11: It will have a single front camera as well as three cameras on the back.

* iPhone 11 Max: It is destined to have a single front camera and three rear cameras also.

* iPhone 11R: It will have two rear cameras and a single front camera.

New iPhones come powered by A13 chipset and larger batteries

When it comes to the processor, the new iPhones will have A13 processor. This processor will be produced in a large quantity by TSMC and will be there in new Phones. The battery life will be extended in these new phones too. Other than this, they will boast reversible wireless charging also.

New colour options with iPhone 11R

iPhone 11R, which comes as the successor of iPhone XR, will provide different colour options to users. The 11R will be offered in six different colour option, including red, yellow, black, white, lavender, and green. The green and lavender options are very new to Apple phones.

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