Dish Launches A New AirTV 4K Media Streaming Stick

Dish is focusing more on its hardware these days, and recently it has launched a brand-new 4K media streaming stick named AirTV Mini. It is made for cord-cutters to access media of Sling TV, Netflix, and over-the-air channels.

It also has:

  • Support for 2 x 2 802.11 AC Wi-Fi

  • Remote finder feature

  • Support for VP94K decoding that enables users to play YouTube along with Netflix in 4K resolution.

From the past few years, Dish has been providing streaming devices. The first streaming device of Dish was AirTV Player, which is a 4K media streaming set-top-box and was launched back in 2017. Coming to 2018, they launched a new device which was called AirTV, which is a TV tuner that streams local channels through Wi-Fi.

This stick is not comparable with the rival streaming sticks such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick. Even if you don’t care about its poor design and want to watch over-the-air channels, you get ultra HD picture-quality and easy subscription to Sling TV and Netflix.

Remote of AirTV streaming stick is also much different from the AirTV player’s remote. Its length and width also have been improved, and it has a perfect ratio of both. The AirTV player remote was too stubby and childish, and that is the reason for enhancing the design of the AirTV streaming stick. You will also get dedicated buttons for Sling TV, Google Assistant, and Netflix.

With the remote, users can give verbal commands for controlling their TV. For instance, with the help of voice search, you can search to find your favorite movies and shows and command your TV like ‘go-to guide’ and other voice commands. The AirTV company claims that the AirTV Mini has more memory and a high-performance processor than any other product in this segment.

When it is connected with the AirTV tuner along with Sling TV application, it delivers excellent streaming quality. If you want premium quality at an affordable price, then it is not for you.

But why you will spend on this new device since the Amazon Fire Stick is much more affordable when compared to it. If you only want to watch over the air channels, then you don’t require to buy this one as it is very costly.

If you love Google Assistant-enabled services, then you can think about getting it.

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