Coolest Planets to See in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Do you know that we are going to see many awesome planets in the upcoming Star Wars movie? You may have seen these planets in the previous film, but we would love to see them again in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Let’s check out the best and coolest planets that we will catch a glimpse of in the movie.


Planet Tatooine is where the Star Wars began. In the upcoming movie, Tatooine will feature either in the form of flashbacks, or a real-time trip to the planet, and many others. We have heard rumors that flash-fights can be shown in the movie. It means that the prospect of Rey and Kylo Ren battling each other on the desert planet is high.


Why does everyone want to visit Jakku? Because the audience needs the answer and they want to know the things that the previous movies failed to address. It seems that Rey would come back at Jakku because this is the place where her parents left her behind years ago. She would visit Jakku in search of the truth. Are you also excited to know the truth of Ray and her parents? If yes, then don’t miss the movie.


This planet was attractive and surprisingly beautiful. In this planet, we saw civilized people and many creatures associating to each other. The city on the planet was well settled and organized; that is the reason it was called the New York City of the Star Wars Universe. This planet was the original base of the Jedi for thousands of years before Order 66. We know that Palpatine killed many people on this planet to wipe out the existence of Jedi.


One of the biggest questions left unresolved in The Last Jedi is ‘where does Kylo Ren go from Mustafar? We thought that he would rule the First Order because his short temper and petulant attitude were intriguing. And there was no Death Star alive and the whole planet was wiped out due to the destruction. There is one more reason Kylo Ren could be living on this planet because his grandfather, Darth Vader, used to live here.


We want to see Endor planet in the next Star Wars movie because the final scenes of the trailer of this movie certainly got us speculating. We saw that Rey, Finn, C3PO, Poe Dameron Chewbacca, iNSERT and BB8 was surrounded by trees and plants and this planet seemed like Endor.

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