Bridge Camping Guide To Have Chicken Dinner In PUBG Mobile

PUBG is a popular smartphone game trending at the top in many parts of the world. Thousands of new players play the game with some serious battle and shooting skills. Most of the players know how to handle big guns in the game, but it takes smart strategies to earn chicken dinner in the game. Chicken dinner is a reward for skillful and the well-performing players. It takes a bit of experience to take down enemies on the suspected spots in the game. Here are some tips to help you with bridge camping in PUBG.


Arrive First

Always arrive first to occupy the bridge for camping. But before proceeding, do not be stupid enough to assume the bridge isn’t preoccupied. In the game, graphics and the bridge are designed in the most tricky way by which it always looks approachable. It is best to observe from a distance and wander around the bridge secretly to make sure the bridge not occupied. After successfully occupying bridge for your camping, you get the highest vantage point. The game consists of story type mission which looks quite real.

Shoot The Enemy When They Have No Cover

In case the bridge is preoccupied with the enemy, make a strategy to shoot them from a bare distance. Besides this, some crashed vehicle works as a cover for players on the bridge. If you start shooting without hitting your mark, then your enemy gets time to take cover behind the crashed vehicles. It will require planning, strategy, and shooting skills to occupy the camping bridge to have your chicken dinner successfully.

Be Vigilant On The Map & Stay On The Right Side

In the game, players must always keep an eye on the map to be on the right side. The map alerts players to cross the blue zone successfully. The closing blue zone on the map encourages players to go on the bridge and get to safety. In the game, players get high points by entering on the bridge from the front side, but it takes them to the face to face encounters with enemies.

Do Not Stay At A Place For a Long Time

In the game, it’s best to move from one place to another constantly. Sticking around for too long has a great risk, which leads to an encounter with the enemy. Moving is the best strategy for survival in PUBG. The same goes for bridge camping, it is fun staying on the bridge in the game, but the risk increases with time. It is ideal not to stick around at a place for too long.

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