Black Widow SDCC Footage: Marvel Introduces Master Assassin Taskmaster

According to the fan theories and rumours, many people claiming that Taskmaster is going to be the villain in the upcoming Black Widow movie. The movie is set to release on May 1, 2020. Natasha Romanoff first appeared in the film Iron Man 2, which was released back in 2010 by the MCU. Since 2010 she appeared in almost all movies of MCU.


After a heroic sacrifice in Avengers: End Game, Black Widowwill feature in a prequel movie. It means we will get the chance to see Black Widow’s earlier life before she becomes an Avenger. The movie’s timeline is set somewhere between Captain America: Civil War- when Natasha signed the Sokovia Accords but later went against them, and Avengers: Infinity War. In Infinity War, we saw her team with Captain America and Falcon and they returned as a Secret Avengers. The timeline of the movie will explore some hidden portions of Black Widow.

Taskmaster:  What Can be Said for Black Widow’s Villain

Marvel hasn’t shared anything about Taskmaster yet, but we can say that the primary villain and his suit will be the same as seen in the comic books. But we can’t say who is behind that mask and costume. It will be officially confirmed later, and we are hopefully waiting for some more tweets from the MCU team about Taskmaster.

The footage of SDCC reveals that Taskmaster would be wearing the same costume as he does in Marvel comics. It is exclusively confirmed in SDCC footage that Taskmaster is the primary villain. We can’t ascertain who is playing the role of Taskmaster right now. In the Marvel Comic books, the Taskmaster has the ability to replicate any fighting style and pattern. He is a quick learner and knows various types of combat styles and strategies. Taskmaster’s primary powers and abilities include limited Superhuman speed, superhuman photographic reflexes, physical movement prediction, extraordinary reflexes, and he is a master of martial arts and skilled tactician. These abilities and achievements of Taskmaster make him an unbeatable character and a supervillain. He can only be taken out by one he has never met before in combat.

We know that Black Widow is a trained combatant, and she learned fighting styles from the “Red Room.” Red Room is a fictional Soviet’s training faculty which was created to train several highly skilled spies.

In the Black Widow SDCC footage, Marvel introduced Taskmaster, who is fighting with Black Widow. In the fight, Taskmaster was getting the upper hand due to replicating her fighting styles and patterns. He may have battled with Natasha or other Red Room combatants before, and that’s why he was winning.

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