7 Most Useful Gardening Apps Available in 2019

If gardening is a whole new experience for you, you can take the help of specific gardening apps. They help you take care of the nature around you entirely and are available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can get to know about all the plants in your garden and offer the utmost care they deserve from time to time. These apps will not let you forget about watering plants or face any other issues. Check out the list of the best gardening app from below.

  1. Garden Tags

Garden Tags comes as an ideal app that is specifically made for gardeners. It has already a large community of gardening enthusiasts, and you can join as well. This app is destined to inspire you by showing activities from other plant lovers. Even you can share the photos of your garden and plants to inspire others. The expert gardeners in the Garden Tags can also help you identify a specific plant if you are not able to do so.

  1. PlantSnap

PlantSnap is primarily for the budding gardeners who can’t quickly identify the plant at first. It will be your best gardening mentor as boasts information about almost all the plants in the world. If we talk about numbers, it comes with a database of around 555,000 plants. You need to click the photo of the plant that you need to identify, and this app will give you all the related information. All the identified plants will be there in My Collection section of the app to check later on.

  1. Waterbot

Watering plants is an essential gardening activity. The Waterbot app will remind you to water the plants now and then. You need to create a watering schedule on the app, to get reminded regularly. Whenever it is time to water a plant, a notification will pop up on your phone. This app is available for Android users for free.

  1. Plantix

Get a ton of information about plants and connect with other gardeners with ease by using the Plantix app. It even offers tips for taking care of your crops with its dedicated Advisory page. If you enter your location and crop information, it provides a forecast of your particular place as well. Plantix makes it possible to check the health of your plant too. Touch the Health Check option, click a photo of your plant, and upload to the Plantix app.

  1. SmartPlant

If you are setting up your garden and need to buy plants, this app is a perfect solution for you. You can buy plants from any of the retail partners of this app. Once you buy them, this app will let you take care of the plants in the best way possible. Though it is not necessary to purchase plants to use this gardening app. Both Android and iOS users can download the SmartPlant app and use it with ease.

  1. My Vegetable Garden

When it comes to managing the garden entirely, My Vegetable Garden is undoubtedly one of the best apps. From cold sensitivity to germination dates to water frequency and more, it lets you know about everything perfectly. Its moon calendar feature offers advice according to the recent phase of the moon. By going to the Parcel section of this app, you can see your garden’s diagram as well. Keeping track of the planted seeds is also easy with this outstanding gardening app.

  1. Sun Surveyor

It is essential to know the placement of the moon and sun if you own a garden in your home. Sun Surveyor allows you to stay updated with time shift with daylight as well as the time of sunrise and sunset. According to your place, this app shows the compass that highlights the current path of the sun after you open it. Its Live View feature is destined to provide the best and more interactive experience. Even you can track the sun in other areas through using Map View or Street View.

So, maintain your garden and keep it clean and green with these gardening apps!

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