7 Best Movie Apps on Android in 2019

Earlier, movie theatres were only the platform to watch movies. But, not anymore. It is not necessary to go to the movie theatre to see your favorite movie as you can find several apps for that. You can see movies now on your computer, phone, TV, and tab as well. If you are interested in the best Android Movie apps, the best options are given below for you.

  1. CineTrak

If you need an app for tracking movies and TV shows, CineTrak is the perfect solution for you. You can ideally track all watched movies and shows with the use of this app. Even it is possible to discover new movies and shows that you might like through the CineTrak app. This tracking app gathers information and reviews through various platforms such as IMDb, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, and Trakt. Its user interface is simple yet outstanding for use. The free version of this app is ideal for use, but the pro version comes with advanced features.

  1. DVD Netflix

To rent Blu-ray and DVDs, DVD Netflix is the best movie app. Its plans are very affordable and ideal for use. You have to rent the desired film, see it, and then return the same once you are done with watching it. Another excellent alternative for renting movies is Redbox. However, the DVD Netflix subscription is recommended for movie enthusiasts while Redbox is perfect for those who don’t watch movies often.

  1. Hoopla

Hoopla is a very different movie app, which stands out from others. It is directly connected with the local library and lets you check movies with ease. The service offered in this app is free. You get the option of exploring as much media as you want. Hoopla is also compatible with Android TV and Chromecast. If we consider the drawback of this app, it is necessary to connect it with the local library.

  1. The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel comes as a particular movie streaming service, which offers a lot of hit movies from Hollywood. Not only this, but you also get the option to watch indie and international films as well as art-house content. Its service is a bit costly but worth it. You can download The Criterion Channel app from the Google Play Store with ease.

  1. Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies is another excellent movie streaming app available on Android. You need to buy the desired movie first though, and later stream them accordingly. If you wish to watch your favorite movies offline, it is possible with it also. A few other apps, such as Amazon Prime Video, TV, and Vudu, are ideal for using too. Though Google Play Movies is one of the best apps to download on an Android device. It is easy to use and supportive of 4K streaming as well.

  1. IMDb

When it comes to an all-in-one movie app, IMDb is the perfect app. From movies information to reviews to trailers to behind the scenes, you can easily catch up with everything with ease. It covers everything related to movies and great for use. A few users might find the ads frustrating, but other than this, it is an ideal app. For movie news, some of the best apps include Feedly and Flipboard.

  1. Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere app comes as one of the best movie apps, which allows you to sign in to Amazon Prime Video, Google, Vudu, and various other accounts. You get to easily see the desired films that you have bought from a variety of available services. This movie app is also a free app and offers Chromecast support as well. Though, it doesn’t provide 4K support still. Regardless of where you go, it is easy to connect with your favorite movie easily. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store app as well.

So, these are the best five movie app available for Android users. Other than these, a few other best movies apps include Plex, Tubi, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and more. You can try all the mentioned apps and find the best one for you!

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