6 Best Weather Apps For Pilots in 2019

Checking weather conditions before the departure of a flight has always been considered very important to pilots. Updates of the weather forecast on our smartphones are very much easier to get with a single touch on the screen.  Thousands of weather apps are available on Google Play and Apple Store, but one need not think too much of this huge availability of apps. I have shortlisted the best six weather apps for pilots to see the weather reports, updates and visibility in the sky.

1. MyRadar

MyRadar is one of the fastest apps that gives you upcoming weather alerts by using its animated weather radar. A pilot or a user can simply get an idea of weather conditions ahead of them and if any storm is coming their way or not. The app has the best zoom and pinches quality, which allows a user to zoom on the weather and see what the weather is like anywhere.

2. WeatherSpork

It is a strategic weather planning app for pilots, which gives a glimpse of weather conditions before taking off the flight. These features are usually available to pilots in the cockpit of a plane by which they see the weather condition of their entire air route to the destination.  The app features the grid view combined with the wheels up departure advisor, which gives a green signal to flight to take off. The app also tells about the speed of wind in the air by which the pilot adopts a clear alternative route if they have to.

3. CloudTopper

CloudTopper is a modern designed app which works as a sight level for pilots during the flight. The app offers a new sight level method to determine cloud height. The app works with your phone’s camera, which works as a gyroscope and accelerometer. In the app, you can enter the distance to a cloud and calculate your height above and below that cloud.


WINDY is one of the best-trusted apps by professional pilots, which gives a detailed and accurate weather forecast. WINDY is the most suitable and best tool for pilots, skydivers, surfers, storm chasers and weather geeks, etc. Proper and accurate weather information than other apps is WINDY’s most appreciated feature. From wind, rain, pressure, and temperature, a user can check multiple layers of temperature at their fingertips.

5. Weekend Flyer

With Weekend Flyer app, one can see and plan their flights around the weather up to several days into the future. A user can plan their weekend before three days of the weekend. The app gives weather forecast up to three days in the future. Pilots also find this app so helpful in deciding the flight timing and changing in air route due to the weather condition.

6. METARs Aviation Weather

This is a paid application but is a fast and easy to use it to get the weather forecast. The app notifies you with the latest weather updates with your phone in your pocket. The best thing about the app is its customizable notifications, even when the app is not in use, it gives alerts about the changes in weather conditions.

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Source: 6 Best Weather Apps For Pilots in 2019

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