6 Best Small Android Phones Available in 2019

In the last couple of years, the definition of a small phone has completely changed. It is because the smartphone world has moved to big displays and even the phones with the smallest phone screen are not that small. For reducing the size of the smartphone, most of the phone manufacturers trimmed the bezels. Samsung’s Galaxy S10e is one of the best examples.

Here are a few best small phones for you:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10e

Featuring a 5.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED FHD+ display, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is ideal for one-handed use. The vibrant colors of the smartphone are destined to make the overall user experience more exciting. When it comes to internal hardware, Samsung hasn’t compromised with it and offers the Snapdragon 855 chipset. The same internal hardware was there in the S10+ and S10 as well. You can quickly get this perfect-sized smartphone from Amazon.

  1. Nokia 7.1

If we consider the best mid-range Android smartphones currently in the market, Nokia 7.1 is undoubtedly one of them. It comes with a vibrant 5.8-inch display, which is certified for HDR10. Its Snapdragon 636 processor assures smooth operation too. Other than this, you get the stock Android One version in this device that is known for a clean user interface as well as regular security updates. You can get the Nokia 7.1 officially in the United States only for now.

  1. Honor 10

Another outstanding mid-range small phone for you is the Honor 10. It is also perfect for one-handed use, though it measures 150mm and not that small. If you want value for your precious money, this phone is one of the best solutions for you. Its back design is impressive while the 3400mAh battery adds more value to it and makes it ideal for all-day use. US residents can buy this phone today from Amazon UK.

  1. Google Pixel 3

Google’s Pixel phones have set a benchmark in the Android world. Pixel 3 is another outstanding smartphone by the tech-giant. It features the exact form factor like the Pixel 2 but has a bit larger screen, of 5.5-inch. The company hasn’t compromised with the features though and provides the same stereo speakers and dual front cameras. If you desire to have one of the best small phones with an outstanding camera, then this phone is the perfect option for you.

  1. Google Pixel 3a

If you are thinking about the differences between Pixel 3 and 3a, one of the significant difference is the reduced price in 3a. It has almost the same camera, capabilities, and software as Pixel 3, and you can even save a considerable amount of money. This phone consists of the latest Android 9.0 pie and ensures security updates for a minimum of 3 years. Hence, the best and advanced Android experience is assured with this phone. Its compact form makes it more appealing overall.

  1. Xiaomi Redmi 6

If you need a low-priced small phone, Xiaomi is an ideal option to consider. It is an entry-level phone that packs a lot of excellent features. The MediaTek’s Helio P22 switch enhances the overall performance of the device as well the 12MP imaging sensor makes the camera great too. Its 720p 5.45-inch display and 3000mAh battery adds more value to it and makes it one of the best budget small Android phone. With one full charge, you can use this phone all day long.

All in all, there are very less small phones currently, and these phones are the smallest ones overall. Check out all these phones accordingly and then pick the ideal one for you. Pixel 3a is the best if you are looking for a small budget phone!

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