6 Best Security Camera Apps and Software for Linux

Security is an important matter of concern in today’s world. Not only cyber attacks and malware, but still break-ins and thefts are significant issues for businesses and homes. Top quality surveillance systems are beneficial in that case. Linux users can save money and use surveillance systems, ideally with the use of a few cameras. You can choose the DIY method and have more control by using the right software on Linux.

These are the best security camera software programs for you:

  1. ZoneMinder

ZoneMinder is an excellent option for a DIY surveillance system. You can ideally use for commercial or household security purposes. Professional features are being offered with the ZoneMinder software. Both IP-enabled and standard PC cameras are compatible with this app. Through Android and iOS apps, you can even monitor cameras while you are on the move. It is possible to deploy ZoneMinder on low-powered devices such as Raspberry Pi too.

  1. Motion

As its name already suggests, Motion helps users with monitoring motion. It comes as a free software program, which is written in C language. The Motion software was made particularly for Linux distros having the video4linux interface. For continuous monitoring, even it offers time-lapse settings that you can access. If you want to build an inexpensive DIY network video recorder or NVR for running on a low-powered device, then the Motion software is the perfect solution for you.

  1. Ivideon

Choose Ivideon if you want to design a DIY surveillance system at a low price. You can use Ivideon on any low-end Linux PX always. Though, it is necessary to have 11GB free to store the daily video footage video locally. Cloud support is there for those who wish to save the recordings online as well.  Installing this software program is very easy, either download and then run the installation script or go through each of the commands from the terminal window. Like most of the video surveillance systems, there is a dedicated Android and iOS app too.

  1. Xeoma

Xeoma is another good option for video surveillance. It is an easy-to-use Linux IP camera software, which lets users add in the desired components and features accordingly. From USB webcams to Wi-Fi CCTV cameras, this Linux security camera shows compatibility with different things. Xeoma is best for commercial use as you get the option to connect around 2000 cameras with a single installation. The free version of Xeoma does have a few limitations, though.

  1. Bluecherry

Bluecherry is being offered as a cross-platform video surveillance system, which means you can efficiently run it on various other platforms as well. This software is a perfect option for the ones who desire running an exclusion open source software. The installation will not be an issue for you a one-line install script is there for CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

  1. is also a cross-platform and NVR software for Linux. It can be used on macOS and Windows too, along with Linux. Its clean, easy to use, and modern interface makes it stand apart from others.

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