6 Best Android and iOS Apps for Cat Owners

Do you own a pet, or rather are you owned by a cat? Cats are great pets; they are relatively easier to care and provide for. Also, by using some apps, you can take care of your cat better. There are several apps available to help you track your cat’s health, get advice, and have some fun with your cat. Let’s check out the best cat apps.


1. 11pets

11pets is a popular app that helps you stay abreast with your pet’s health. Packed with a number of features, this app comes with an inbuilt scheduler to give reminders regarding medicines and allows you to view the record of your cat’s medical history. If you take several photos of your cats every day, then you can pick out the best pictures and add them to the app’s gallery. In case your feline friend suffers from any ailment, then this app will be a boon for you.

2. Cat Alone

Is your cat bored and you do not know how to entertain it? Download this app, and let your cat play. This game keeps your cat busy by having it chase and catch different objects(creatures) on the screen. The graphics and sounds are amazing. You can make your kitty chase a laser pointer, ladybug, finger fly, butterfly, and cockroach. If your cat is rather young, then it will surely love this game. However, do put a lock so that your cat does not exit the game and paw dials someone.

3. Cat Training

Cats do not share the reputation of being obedient, especially when compared to dogs. It can be daunting and frustrating to train your cat, especially when you are not experienced. Well, rather than getting a trainer, you can download Cat Training. This application will not only help you understand your pet better but will also tell you how to train it. From toilet training to getting it adjusted to the cat carrier, this app contains tutorials for basically all essential stuff. The information mentioned in the app is rather helpful.

4. PetCoach

If you need veterinary advice, then PetCoach is an amazing platform for the same. Here you can ask questions regarding your cat’s health, diet, and other things. Pet experts and vets will offer suggestions and solutions for free. The app is reliable as you get direct answers from vets, pet trainers, pet nutritionists, etc. Moreover, if you are traveling and cannot go to a vet immediately, then you can post your query in the app, or find a similar question submitted earlier by others can read the answers. No matter what kind of cat you have, you will find answers for all cat breeds here.

5. Cat Clicker Training

Available on the Apple App Store, this application is great when you are training your cat. In order to make the training more effective, you should introduce the clicker. Since it is not always possible for you to have a clicker with you, just download the app. When you tap the paw on the app’s screen, then your iOS device will play the clicker sound.

6. Paint for Cats

This is an app where your cat can unleash its creativity. It also allows you to share your cat’s masterpiece with others. You can have your cat chase mice and paint. Moreover, to ensure that your cat does not lose interest, the mouse on the screen squeaks every once in a while.

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