5 Best Web and Mobile Push Notification Tools

Push notification tools are essentially used for delivering information from centralized servers to computing devices. With these tools, people can receive notifications even when the computing device is locked, and the app or website is closed. This way, businesses can send alerts directly to their customer’s device. Here is some best push notification software:

1. CleverTap

With CleverTap, you can succeed in customer retention. This potent marketing solution consolidates customer information from online and offline sources in one place. The software is packed with features and allows you to send time-sensitive, important, and customized push messages in bulk. Just open the software, and go to the Campaigns section. Select the Push option, and you can create push campaigns. When the campaign gets sent, you will be able to check out thorough reports regarding the number of notifications sent, the number of clicks they received, and conversions. All in all, this is an amazing tool for sending personalized push messages.

2. WebEngage

With this software, you can set up amazing mobile experiences using push messages that will lead to engagement and more conversions. The app has several preset templates to choose from. You can select any template to make visually appealing push messages. You simply have to insert the message and can embellish it with pictures. To personalize the notification, you can add personal information and preferences. Once the campaign is sent, you will be able to view detailed reports regarding how successful the campaign was. You can check the percentage and number of impressions, conversions, clicks, and closes.

3. PushCrew

PushCrew is another amazing push notifications tool. You can create interactive and clickable push notifications that will help you get more website traffic. The notifications will display directly on the customer’s screen. You can give the customers a choice for accessing or denying the permission for your site to send notifications. Also, you can make the messages more attractive by adding pictures and emojis. It allows you to schedule the alerts for a specific time and date. Overall, PushCrew is a reliable and powerful tool when it comes to push notifications.

4. OneSignal

OneSignal allows you to send mobile and web push notifications. You just need to set up OneSignal for all the mobile platforms: iOS and Android. After that, you will receive an ID and key. Then, just install its plugin and start sending push notifications. This is a popular platform used by over 300K people across the globe. Its dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use. You can use it for free or purchase plans as per your requirements.

5. PushEngage

As the name suggests, this tool is used for sending push notifications to drive more engagement. It is available for the web as well as mobile and is intended to help marketing teams in sending push alerts automatically. You can easily target your users using attractive and custom notifications. It boasts of segmentation automation along with geo-segmentation. You can either use it for free or purchase different plans: Pro, Business, Large Business, and Enterprise.

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