5 Best Tools for Optimizing Instagram Bio Link

Instagram is not only ideal for showcasing your photos from your recent trip or regular life. Even it is also beneficial for those who want to promote their business or products. The bio section in your Instagram profile is an ideal place to highlight relevant links. You can only add one link in the bio section though, but if you optimize your profile thoroughly, you can easily get benefitted. Read till the end to know how you can make the most out of the bio link section of Instagram.

Why does Instagram bio link need to be optimized?

You might or might not know that Instagram’s Bio section allows you to add only one link and doesn’t let you add links with each post. Because of this, a lot of Instagram users put “link in bio” in the captions of their Instagram posts. If you wish to promote your products or services, you will have to follow a different approach on Instagram. The process is not the same as Facebook and Twitter, where you can include links with every post. Instead, you need to post on Instagram differently. The viewers must check the “link in bio” section of your Instagram profile and click the link given over there.

However, there are various tools available in the market for optimizing Instagram bio link. If you are getting started with using the links on Instagram or already aware of it, these tools will be helpful for you for sure. You can easily divert your visitors to more than one web pages with the use of these excellent tools. Let’s check out the best Instagram bio link tools available currently.

1. Shorby

Shorby is one of the best tools for customizing your Instagram bio link. It is an ideal two-in-one tool that comes with a lot of great features. Its first tool lets you easily retarget others with your custom links and the second one allows you to showcase different links on one page. Other than this, each page of Shorby has a colored background to add more charm to it. You can even add various social media account links with ease.

2. Lnk.Bio

If you need a simple tool for Instagram bio link, the Lnk.Bio tool is the perfect solution for you. It allows you to showcase multiple links through a particular link and even track the links later on. You get the option to create a specific page and add as many links as you want. In the end, you will see a simple page that will feature your display picture, Instagram handle, and all the essential links.

3. ShortStack

ShortStack is not a particular bio link tool but being offered as an overall Instagram marketing tool. It is an ideal landing page builder that is destined to help marketers in marketing campaigns. There are more than 60 templates, email marketing features, and more that ShortStack offers. Managing marketing campaigns and targeting all your Instagram followers will be very easy with the use of this outstanding tool.

4. Linktree

Linktree is another excellent Instagram bio link tool, which is a direct competition for Shorby. Its free version allows users to create unlimited links, select ideal themes from the available options, and check the click count. Though, the logo of the Linktree will always be there with the free version. To remove the logo, you will have to choose the paid version of Linktree. The drawback of Linktress is that it doesn’t provide dedicated contact and social media buttons.

5. by Later

If you need an advanced Instagram bio link tool, you need to choose the tool by Later. You can recreate your Instagram account on the particular landing page and manage it accordingly. Unlike others, it can only include a single link to your page. But you can assign other links to the post with ease. Whenever someone clicks the link in your bio, they will see a recreated Instagram feed with mentioned links in the posts.

All these Instagram bio link tools are different from each other and ideal for use. Pick the best one for you and optimize your Instagram bio link ideally!

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