5 Best Platforms for Android APK Downloads in 2019

You might or might not know that it is possible to install an app even if it not available on Google Play Store. Some apps can’t be found on the Android Play Store or may be geo-blocked or removed by the developer. Various websites offer APK files of apps that are not available on play stores. The APK download process is easy on some, while some make it complicated. On that note, let’s have a look at the best options to download APK files quickly and safely.

  1. APKMirror

If you have downloaded an APK file earlier, you might be aware of APKMirror already. It is one of the best and famous sites that provides APKs. From old apps to the new ones, APK versions of all the apps is readily available on this site. Though, APKs of paid apps can’t be found on this app. The best thing about this site is that its staff verifies all the APKs uploaded before publishing.

  1. APK Store

APK Store, which was earlier known as APK Downloader, is a great web app for downloading APK as well. All the APKs featured on it are safe because they are picked via Google Play Store. Safety and security is not a matter of concern with APK Store at all. You can ignore Android’s Play Store entirely and rely on this site for downloading the desired apps.

  1. Yalp Store

Yalp Store is not the same as others on the list. It is not a site but an app, which is an ideal alternative of Google Play Store. This app lets you download APKs directly without the interference of ads in between. Even it is capable of updating app automatically, but your device needs to be rooted for that. Other than this, a dedicated Google account is also not necessary for downloading APKs with the use of Yalp Store.

  1. APKPure

APKPure gives a strict competition to APKMirror and comes as one of the best sites to download APKs. It also makes sure that all the available APKs are safe and secured for download and use. You don’t need to worry about viruses if you download APK files through this site. From old versions to new versions, you can have the desired ones accordingly.  Its dedicated Android app is also a perfect replacement option for Google Play.

  1. Aptoide

Aptoide is another ideal APK downloading site, which already boasts around 200 million users. Same as APKPure, it also offers a dedicated Android app for downloading APKs directly through your Android phone. One of the main drawbacks of Aptoide is that it allows modded APKs. All in all, these are the best sites or apps for you to download APK files with ease!

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