5 Best Apps for Splitting Bills in 2019

Splitting bills and costs, especially when you hang out with friends often or live in a flatshare, is cumbersome. Since most people prefer paying bills through cards, splitting bills has become tougher. Using some apps, you can keep track of shared expenses and split bills with others. Here are the best apps for splitting bills with others.

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1. Splitwise

Splitwise is an amazing mobile app that will meet all your bill-splitting needs. Not only is it intuitive, but it is also available for free. If you live with flatmates or have a roommate, then you should get this app top split the rent, electricity, and other expenses. When you go out with a group of friends, you can use this app to split the restaurant bill, cab fare, etc. All the shared expenses get organized in a single platform, and all your friends will be able to see what they owe. Once some amount gets paid, the balance will decrease. The app also sends reminders from time to time. Also, for settling the balance, you can use PayPal directly from the app.

2. Billr

If you love dining with friends or colleagues, then you should consider getting this app. This app shall calculate what everybody owes for the orders they have placed. Therefore, if you only ordered a drink, then it is better to pay for just that. This app also takes taxes and tips into consideration and sends a copy of the bill to everyone in the group. However, the group size should not be more than sixteen people. You can split shared items and add the individual costs of dishes you ordered for yourself.

3. Settle Up

Settle Up is an amazing app and is comparable to Splitwise. Available for iOS and Android, this app is loaded with features. The capability of the app to handle different payment scenarios makes it quite popular. You can share the expenses with others using email, WhatsApp, etc. Everybody in your group will be able to see the expenses. In case you are traveling abroad, then the app will add the present day’s local exchange rate as well. While you can use its free version, if you do not like ads, you will have to switch to its premium version.

4. Zently

If you have a roommate, then you probably know how hard it is to keep track of all the shared expenses. You can use this app to manage and track all the household expenses. You can rent, groceries, bills, etc. and split the costs with your roommate/s. The roommates can add their card to the app so that they can settle their balance at the month end. This free app is available for iOS and Android platforms.

5. Splitrr

This free app has an intuitive interface, and it works offline as well. You can add costs and split it evenly or unevenly with your mates. It allows you to check the debt history and you can download its PDF and send it to your roommates. Also, if you do not like registering, then this app is perfect for you.

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