What is Snapchat Map and How to Use it?

If you use Snapchat casually or regularly, you might have seen the Snapchat Map or Snap Map that is there in the app. Though, a lot of Snapchat user never go through the Snapchat Map and even don't know much about it. Are you one of them? If yes, worry not, you will get to know about the Snapchat Map over here. Let's have a detailed look at it.

What exactly is the Snapchat Map?

The Snapchat map showcases the users who uploaded new stories recently. The stories on Snapchat are uploaded through the "Our Stories" section and everyone, who use this platform, can access it easily. The stories highlighted on the Snapchat Map are shown according to the location and pinned on the Snap map accordingly. You will see various Stories by different Snapchat users on the world map. Click on the stories to see the uploaded pictures or videos.

Opening the Snapchat Map through the app

To check out stories posted by local Snapchat users through the Snapchat Map quickly, you will have to either open the phone app or the webpage of the map. Here's how you can open Snap Map through the Snapchat app on the smartphone:

  1. Firstly, ensure that you are in camera mode on the Snapchat app. If not, you need to enable it by tapping the circle available at the bottom section of the screen.

  2. After allowing the camera mode, swipe your fingertips on the screen to see the Snap Map. You will be asked for location detail at first. Hence, touch the Allow option if you are comfortable with sharing your current location.

  3. Now, you are destined to see the world map with your present location pinned on it. For checking your local area, you get the option to zoom in through the dedicated GPS crosshair icon available on the bottom right side.

Opening the Snapchat Map through the browser

It is possible to access the Snapchat Map on a web browser as well. For that, you need to visit You will be asked to share your location initially, but you can refuse if you want and explore local stories from users without being tracked by using the search section.

Using the Snapchat Map

After opening the Snapchat Map, you will see different heatmaps on particular spots. They indicate the Snaps of the location. The more extreme heat, the more Snaps are destined to be there in the shown area. If you see an intense heat on a particular spot, it means that either one person has posted too much content or more than one users shared stories over there.

For checking all the stories, you can either click or tap on the highlighted heatmap. You will see all the stories one by one from the location. If you wish to move back and forth with the stories, either click or tap on the left or right side accordingly. Zoom in or out to check all the content available on all the stories on Snapchat Map. Once you zoom in, you need to tap on the highlighted heatmaps on your local area to check every Story. In the same way, if you zoom out, you will be able to see stories through heatmaps of the entire city or state.

Adding Snaps on Snapchat Map

If you don't see much content in your local area, you can choose to add your Snap on the map. For getting started, you can either choose an already created Snap or make one especially. After selecting the ideal Snap or creating a new one, touch the arrow icon present on the bottom section for sending it ahead. You will be asked to choose where you want to send it now. Tap the Our Story option and then the arrow button on the bottom right section. The chosen Story will be shown on the map.

In this way, you can easily make the most out of Snapchat Map and explore users on your local area!

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