How to Unmute Stories on Instagram

By using the Instagram story feature, you can upload the stories on your Instagram account. People use this story feature to upload their live location, events, and pictures as their Instagram stories, and you can also find stories on your Instagram account. If you want to ignore one of your Friend stories, then you can go through the mute option. In case you want to see their Instagram stories again, then you have to follow the steps mentioned below to unmute stories on Instagram.

Steps to Unmute Stories on Instagram

There are many ways to mute or unmute stories on Instagram. Here are the steps:

•    If you want to know which friend story you have put in the mute mode, then you need to go to their Instagram profile.

•    After that, click on the unmute option.

•    You will get the unmute option under your friend name and over their Highlights. This is the story which they want to add on their Instagram profile.

•    You have to search for the option which indicates “You have muted (Instagram name)’s story.”

•    After that, press on the Unmute option given near to the note.

•    Now, your friend stories will start showing on the Story Feed once again.

•    You can use this option to unmute stories on Instagram easily.

•    In case you press on the Options button which resembles a three dots symbol given in the top right-hand side of your friend profile, then the results which are showing on your screen will be same.

•    After that, press on the Mute option.

•    Once you have clicked on the Mute option, you will get a new window on your screen which asks you in case you want one of these options:

1.    Mute or Unmute their story.

2.    Mute that person posts.

3.    Exit options.

•    You need to choose the Unmute option, which is showing on display, and your friend stories get unmuted.

The additional way to unmute stories on Instagram is mentioned below:

•    Swipe down to the bottom of the Story Feed option where you will get all the mutes stories.

•    You will find that there will be no red mark on their Instagram stories. Their stories are light in color.

•    Keep pressing on any one of their Instagram, and you will get a new window on the screen.

•    You will get an option to see your friend Instagram profile.

•    After visiting their Instagram profile, you can unmute their stories.

•    You need to click on the second option.

•    You can follow these steps only when you have forgotten whose friend stories you have mutes or in case you are not able to find their Instagram profile.

Why are some Instagram stories always first on Instagram Story Feed?

You have noticed that any particular stories of one of your Instagram fiend always on the top of the Instagram Story Feed. What are the reasons behind it?

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