How to Turn on Dark Mode in Safari

Want to enable the dark mode in your Safari browser? Not only is it comforting, but it also gives less stress to your eyes.  Here’s how you can turn on dark mode in Safari.

Steps to Turn On Dark Mode in Safari for any Website

•    Go to the Safari browser.

•    Start downloading the DarkMode V2 to the iPhone.

•    After completing the downloading process, use the dark mode option and place it in the library.

In case you have some of the shortcuts already, then you should know how to use one of them. In case you don’t know how to use a shortcut, then you have to give tile to the shortcut and select a symbol you wish to use. You can complete this procedure by following the steps mentioned below:

•    Press on the “Library” option.

•    Find the shortcut of the DarkMode V2 and after that, press on the three dots symbol.

•    Press on the Settings symbol given at the upper right-hand side of the display.

•    Choose the “Name field” option.

•    Type the name you wish to give to the shortcut.

•    Press on the symbol feature.

•    Select the color, symbol, and other information.

•    Press on the Done option.

•    Click on the Done button for the verification.

Here are the steps are given below to return to the setup:

•    Launch the Safari browser.

•    Go to the preferred site.

•    Press on the Share option located in the middle end of the display.

•    Choose the Shortcuts option given in the context menu.

•    Press on the shortcut of the DarkMode V2 to open it.

•    In case you are not able to get it in the shortcuts menu, then press on the More option for activating the switch.

Steps to Turn On Dark Mode in Safari on iOS device

•    Go to the Safari browser.

•    Open the site which you wish to put it in the dark mode.

•    Press on the “Reader Mode” option given in the text field.

•    Press on the “Text button” option.

•    Choose the theme you wish to use.

•    You will get all the options which are available now in the dark, yellow, grey and normal colors.

•    Choose the Dark option to turn on the dark mode in Safari.

•    Now, the display successfully changes into the dark mode.

•    You have to follow the same steps for each site you wish to turn on dark mode in Safari.

Steps to Turn On Dark Mode on MacOS Mojave

•    Go to the Apple menu.

•    Choose the System Preferences option.

•    Choose the General option.

•    Choose the Dark option located on the Appearance menu.

•    Now, all the sites on the Safari browser will have the black background.

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