How to Record Audio Using Audacity on Mac

Audacity is known as the best free audio recording application. Through this application, you can make a high-ranking recording, which provides low distortion and balanced audio. This article shows you how to install Audacity app, how to use it, and how to record audio using Audacity on Mac.

Steps to Record Audio Using Audacity on Mac

•    Firstly, go to the DMG file extension.

•    Start installing Audacity on the Mac.

•    You can’t download this application through the App Store.

•    You have to go to its online site.

•    On the online site, you will get the “click here for instant download’ option.

•    You have to go through the three windows to open the file.

•    Once you have completed the installation process, press on the cmd and space keys together.

•    Enter “auda” in the given box.

•    Press on the Enter option to open the application.

•    You can open the application through the launcher.

•    Select mono recording by pressing on the pull-down list.

•    The Audacity application also selects an external microphone.

•    Press on the recording option which resembles a large red dot symbol provided in the top right-hand side of the column.

•    Press on the Stop option which resembles a large black rectangle if you wish to end this.

•    Instantly, press on the play option to listen to the recording which you have recorded.

•    Before you begin the recording process, ensure that you press on the monitoring menu to check the input levels of the sound.

•    Once you have completed the recording of the audio using Audacity on Mac, the Audacity application provides you options to modify and move the file to your selected folder.

•    The pull-down lists are located in the taskbar given on the upper side of the screen.

•    You will also get the options for editing, analyzing, and generating other sounds.

•    At last, press on the file.

•    After that, move the file for saving the recorded audio in OGG, WAV, and MP3.

Steps to Record Audio Through Native Applications

• Voice Memos

Voice Memos application permits you to record audio using Audacity on Mac. This application is easy to use, stop by clicking at once, and also remove the background disturbance. By using this application, you can easily edit the recording, but you will not get any advanced exportation option in Audacity application. It is specially designed to record audio, and Voice memos cannot record core audio and audio of the mic simultaneously. Or, in case you wish to create any changes to the recorded audio, then you have to install a third-party application.

• QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player application permits you to create audio, screen recording, or movie on the Mac. Once you have open the application, press file, choose New Audio Recording option and after that, press on the record option to begin this procedure. Through Voice Memos, you can start or stop the recording anytime.

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