How to organize installed apps on your Android

When you buy a new Android phone then you will see only some apps which come inbuilt in your phone. But after that, you will have to go to Google Play Store and download your favorite apps. But it can cause your storage to become full. In such instances, Application Manager utility will help you organize your all the apps installed on your Android device. So, here are some steps to organize your apps in Android.

Application Manager

Here is the process of understanding the Application Manager. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, open Settings.

•    After that, go to the Application Manager.

•    Click on Running apps of the screen.

•     After that, you can click on options and change preferences.

Check App Info

Here is the process of checking any app information. Follow the instructions carefully.

•   You can click on any app to open it and get info on your screen.

•    If you want to close an app or that app consumes battery from the background, then you can click “Force Stop” button.

•    If you have not used an app for a long time, and you want to uninstall it here, you can just hit on “Uninstall app.”

•    Some apps on your device come inbuilt, and you can’t uninstall them. You can click on “Uninstalled Apps” to stop updating, and your storage will take more space.

•    Look at the App permissions.

Removing Data/Cache in Android

Here is the process of removing Data/Cache in Android. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    Go to App Info and click on Clear app data.

•    If you want to delete your all temporary data, you can click on Clear app cache.

•    Now, you can click on Clear app defaults to clear an application’s default settings.

Transfer Apps to SD Card

Here is the process of transfer apps to SD card in Android. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    Make sure your device has an SD card.

•    After that, you can choose which app you want to transfer to the SD card.

•    Then you can click on “Move to SD card.”

Hiding Apps in Android

Here is the process of hiding apps in Android. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    Go to Settings on your device.

•    After that, click on Applications.

•    Then hit on Application Manager.

•    Click on “All.”

•    Choose the app you want to hide.

•    Click on Disable.

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