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How to Optimize Instagram for Sales in 2019

For reaching a large number of Instagram users and driving sales, it is essential to learn a few things. The business community on Instagram has bloomed a lot, along with regular users, and destined to grow more in the coming times. There are already various brands that are generating good leads from Instagram and making a profit. A recent report suggests that almost 75 percent of users on Instagram take action on Instagram ads. They either only go to the dedicated website or link or purchase through the Instagram ads. If you also run a business or associated with a firm, you must optimize your Instagram profile for generating sales.

These are a few of the best tips for   making a profit from Instagram:

  1. Make sure you have an Instagram business profile

A lot of people, nowadays, directly search for brands on Instagram. Your Instagram business profile is no less than the website homepage for the ones who visit it. Hence, you need to curate the profile accordingly and make it appealing and engaging for the visitors. From the bio to the feed, everything matters on your Instagram business profile. Let's have a look at everything in detail:

* Profile picture: You must showcase a profile photo related to your brand. The logo of your brand is a perfect solution. It will help others in identifying your brand and look great at the same time.

* Bio: It is important to tell people about your business through your Instagram bio. You can write down a short description or include keywords related to your business for better understanding.

* URL section: The link section of your Instagram profile is equally important as bio. You can enter the link of your website or a particular page where you want the visitors to go. Even a unique URL such as is a great idea as you can track Instagram visits through them.

For better understanding, you can check out the Instagram profile of major brands that drive sales from Instagram and learn from them. Optimizing the Instagram business profile is the first step for building a great audience and turn them into customers. Check out the next tip now.

  1. Use Instagram ads for reaching out to target audience

Instagram ads are one of the best marketing strategies, as well. They give a boost to your Instagram profile and connect different users from your brand or products. After setting up the business profile, you can manage the ads on your Instagram profile easily. It is up to you how much amount you are comfortable with spending on ads, where you want to showcase your ads, how long you wish to run them. Promoting your posts is the easiest and best way, though. Even you have the option to go for Instagram story ads if you want.

  1. Add product links on your Instagram stories

Instagram story feature is undoubtedly one of the best features of Instagram. They allow normal users and business to connect with a lot of people from time to time. Various brands use Instagram Stories for showcasing their new or existing products, and even promoting special deals. However, only users who have 10,000 followers or more can include links in their Instagram stories. It is very helpful and beneficial for businesses overall.

  1. Create a shoppable Instagram feed

The Shopify shopping feature integration on Instagram also makes it ideal for businesses. This feature lets businesses tag products on posts that are available for sale. And, users can directly purchase the desired products from the app. Showcase your products on your feed and add links to allow users to buy them easily through Instagram. Again, if you are not sure how to do it, you can take inspiration from big brands that have a shoppable Instagram feed.

So, these are the main things that you need to keep in mind to grow your brand. There are a lot more things that you can implement, but these are the necessary ones for generating sales!

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