How to Keep the Apple AirPods Case Clean

Apple AirPods case houses the wireless headphones and helps in protecting them from damage. The case also assists in charging the headphones as it enables cordless charging. Although it is not mandatory to clean the Apple Airpod Case, still if you wish to keep your cordless headphones neat and hygienic, then it is most suited to maintain the cleanness of your Apple Airpod case.

A regular maintenance of your case can also improve on the life of your headphones as it would eliminate any possibilities of lint or dirt to stick on to your device. So if you are in search of some tips to maintain your Airpod and its case then refer to the list mentioned below.

1.    Start with the exterior

It is best to start the cleaning process by removing the stains and lint from the exterior of your device. To know effective steps to clean the exterior of your Airpod case, follow the steps given below.

  • Fist uses a scratch proof microfiber cloth to scrub off any dust particles from the outer end of your device.

  • Gently wipe out the sticky stains and lint from the surface of the case.

  • If some of the stains or wax is still on the outer end of your device, then you can opt for soaking the cloth with little water and then rubbing the fabric on the case to remove any existent dirt from the device.  Use minimal water as Apple AirPods and its case is not waterproof.

  • Even after using the cloth on your Airpod case, there is a possibility that some stains or lint may still be present on your device. So to eliminate all the visible stains use a cotton bud. A cotton bud can reach to a precise location and effectively remove all the stains.

Users can also opt for using an isopropyl alcohol solution to get rid of any difficult to remove stains. By going through the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily clean their Airpod case exterior.

2.    Cleaning of The Interior of The Case

Keeping the interiors of the Apple Airpod clean is quite an effective means to maintain the life of your headphones for long use. As AirPods are housed inside the case when not in use, it becomes a sensible option to keep it clean and avoid any dust from the headphones. So to clean the inside of your Apple AirPods case, follow the steps mentioned below in proper order.

  • Use the edge of your microfiber cloth to reach the inside of your AirPod case and gently clean the walls inside the device.

  • Opt for a cotton bud to reach each and every corner of your headphone case. Use the bud to clean the groves and hard to reach parts.

  • Gently rub the cotton bud on the area which has stains and possible dust which can slow down the charging process of your device.

  • Users can also choose a toothbrush to clean up their case interiors as it can loosen up the stuck stains and lint.

By following the steps mentioned above, an individual can properly clean the interior of their device. An individual can properly maintain their equipment if they keep it clean and tidy at all times. Cleaning your device regularly can help in ensuring the proper functioning of the AirPods and assist in maintaining the aesthetics of the devices as brand new. Hopefully, users will now be able to clean their Apple Airpod case in a much more efficient manner.
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