How to Install USB Game Controllers on Windows 8

If you want to release your stress, then gaming is the best option. Windows 8 supports various types of controllers, and if you have a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 controller, then you can also use this in your Windows 8. So, here are some steps to configure the USB game controller in Windows 8.

Set up for Xbox 360 controller

  • Go to “the Xbox 360 controller download page.”

  • Tap on “Select an operating system” menu.

  • Select Download and Save.

  • Tap right on the downloaded program and select Properties.

  • Tap on Compatibility option and choose the compatibility for Windows 7.

  • After that you can install the Xbox 360 controller software but before you must run the installer.

  • Now you can connect your Xbox 360 controller to the USB port on your computer.

  • After that, connect your controller, and you have to check and confirm if it’s working correctly or not.

  • Set up the game and use your controller.

Set up for PlayStation 3 Controller

  • First, you have to download the Xbox 360 controller drivers from Microsoft.

  • After that, you can run the installer to install the drivers.

  • Now connect the PlayStation 3 controller into your computer through USB.

  • You can download latest Xinput Wrapper drivers.

  • Download 7-zip and install it

  • Tap right on 7z file and downloaded.

  • Select 7-Zip and Extract Here

  • Select “ScpServer” folder.

  • Click on the bin folder.

  • After that Run “ScpDriver.exe” and select the install button.

  • Now you can Restart your computer and run “ScpDriver.exe.”

  • Now start your game with your controller.

Setup for PlayStation 4 controller

  • If you want that PlayStation 4 connect instantly, then you must download DS4Windows.

  • You can see the ZIP file, select and Extract it.

  • After that, you choose where you want to save your file and Run the DS4Windows.

  • Select “Install the DS4 Driver button.

  • Attached your PlayStation to your computer via USB.

  • Set up your profile.

  • Now check your controller.

Regular USB Controller

  • If you have a driver disc, then first install it. After that, you can connect the controller.

  • Attached the controller in your computer.

  • After that, you can select the game controllers menu.

  • Now you can see the Properties option. Click on it.

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