How to Install Plugins in Photoshop CC 2019

Adobe Photoshop is considered amongst the best photo editing software which avails its users with a diverse range of tools and features. Photoshop CC 2019 enables its users with tools which can be put to good use for creating fantastic photos and pictures.

Interestingly enough, Adobe Photoshop supports third-party plugins and allow its users to improve on the capabilities of the program. So users can also install some additional plugins which would include new features and allow Photoshop users to accomplish much more.

Such plugins include a variety of filters, different file type compatibility, and a number of tools to manipulate the image as required. So if you wish to download and install plugins for your Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 program, then refer to the steps mentioned below.

How to Download Photoshop Plugins

Plugins for Photoshop can mainly be downloaded from two sources. Either the user can visit Adobe Exchange site, which offers some unique plugins to choose from or users can directly use the Google search if they are looking for some specific type of plugin.

Adobe Exchange offers a wide range of plugins to choose from, and users can easily download their preferred plugins by selecting the Free or Buy option adjacent to it. Once you decide the desired plugin, it would automatically start the download process and directly install it to your Photoshop CC software.

How to install Photoshop Plugins

If you have downloaded any specific plugin from other sites, then it would not be directly installed in your Photoshop software and rater it would be available as a compressed zip file or executable files. Refer to the steps mentioned below to install your downloaded plugin.

Steps to install Photoshop Plugin from Executable File

  • Choose the “Executable file” to launch the setup wizard. Before doing so, shut down the Photoshop application on your system as the installation process would fail if the software is running in the background.

  • Now select the “Next” button and then enable the “Agree” checkbox from the next panel.

  • Then choose the version of the plugin that you wish to install.

  • After that, choose the “Next” option.

  • Now users will have to choose the targeted folder where they wish to install the plugins.

  • Then select the “Next” option.”

  • After that, choose the “Install” option to initiate the installation process.

  • Finally, select the “Finish” button to complete the installation setup.

By following the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily install there newly downloaded Executable plugin files. Still, if you have a Compressed Zip file after your plugin download then refer to the steps mentioned below.

Steps to install Photoshop Plugin from Compressed Zip File

  • First users will have to extract all the content form their.Zip folder.

  • Now copy the extracted files and directly paste them in your Adobe Photoshop plugins folder. It is generally inside the program files, or you can find it at the location where you have installed the Photoshop software on your PC.

  • Then users will have to restart the Adobe Photoshop program, and they will easily be able to view the plugins inside the Photoshop tools panel. It generally depends on the type of plugin you have installed. For instance, if a user has installed a plugin for a new filter, then that new plugin would directly appear in the menu bar where all the filters are enlisted.

By following the steps mentioned above, an individual will be able to install their Photoshop plugins if they are installed in a compressed Zip file. Hopefully, users will now be able to avail exciting plugins to improve their image editing and create much more presentable pictures.

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