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How to Install Plugins in is an image editing program which enables Windows users to edit pictures and photographs and that too for free. As is an open source software, any individual can easily access this program and install it to their PC. Due to such dynamics, is time and again compared to other image editing programs like Photoshop and GIMP.

Editors can make good use of tools available in the, which includes features like unique effects, layering, a variety of filters, numerous tools, and customizing options. In addition to such dynamic tools and features, users can also download and install different plugins for including additional tools like filters and effects.

By doing so, an individual can avail the latest filters and effects to their project. So if you are looking for means to download and install some additional plugins to your, then refer to the steps mentioned below in correct order.

Users can download mainly two types of plugins for their program, which includes Effects and File Type. Plugins associated with effects, allow an individual to add different filters and effects to their, which broadens the range of tools that an editor can choose from.

Or users can download the File Type plugin which enables a user to access numerous file types that are not accessible in program. Users can either visit the official to access a variety of plugins or users can opt for direct Google search if they are looking for something in particular.

How to install plugins for

Once an individual has downloaded their desired plugin, then they will have to install the plugin to their program. It mainly depends on the file type which you have downloaded. Generally, the downloaded plugin folder will either contain Extension File, or it would feature Compressed.Zip file. To install plugins to your, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps for Installing Plugins for with Extension File

  • First, choose the .exe file by tapping twice on the targeted folder. By doing so, a new window will appear with the setup wizard for the plugin file.

  • Now enable the checkbox with effects that you wish to include in your program.

  • Then choose the “Next” button from the bottom of your screen.

  • After that select, the user accounts that you require plugins for.

  • Now enable the “terms and conditions” checkbox and then select the “Install” button from the bottom right of your screen.

  • It is quite possible that some of the effect files in your new plugin may be pre-installed in your software. If such is the case, then the install wizard would automatically flash a pop-up requesting you to overwrite the file or skip. Simply mark the “Apply to all files” checkbox and select the “Skip” button.

  • After that, choose the “Finish” button once the installation setup completes.

  • Now users will have to head to their program.

  • All the plugins would directly be placed to their respective folders with a plugin icon in front of them. This helps a user to distinguish between the new plugins from other tools.

By following the steps mentioned above, users can easily install .exe plugins. To install compressed.Zip plugin files to your, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps for Installing Plugins for with Compressed.Zip File

  • Use WinZip or similar program to extract the compressed Zip plugin files.

  • Now users will have to copy the extracted.Zip plugin files.

  • Then launch the program on your PC.

  • After that, users will have to Paste the.Zip files inside the “Effects or File Types” folder.

  • Now use the right click button of your mouse to navigate the properties menu of the pasted plugin.

  • Then head to the “General tab” option of your plugin properties.

  • After that, choose the “Unblock” option to enable the plugin.

  • Now restart your software to use your installed plugin.

By going through the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily install compressed.Zip plugin files. Hopefully, users will now be able to access new and exciting effects and filters by quickly installing plugins to their program.

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