How to Format Hard Drive on Windows and Mac

Formatting a hard drive is a necessary process when your hard drive does not have sufficient space. Virus or spyware might be the reasons for your computer or laptop not responding appropriately. If you format your hard drive, then your device will work better because formatting will remove your all errors and viruses from your device. So, here are some steps to format a hard drive.

 Formatting in Windows

  • If you want to restore your relevant data after formatting, you must back up all your data.

  • After that, you can download the compatible drivers of your laptop because drivers can help to format easier.

  • Now you have to locate your Windows product key.

  • Later you can locate or create your Windows installation disc.

  • Reboot your computer from the installation disc or USB.

  • Now you can click on “Install now” and after that, choose your language.

  • After that, Windows gives you two options like upgrade Windows, install and custom Windows install. But you can select Custom (advanced) option.

  • Arrange your partition that Windows is installed on.

  • You can see the “Drive options” link. Tap on it and click Format.

  • After that, you can delete the unwanted partition which you don’t use.

  • Choose your formatted partition and tap on it.

  • Now the process will begin to install Windows.

  • Insert your CD or USB to install the drivers.


Follow the directions mentioned below to format your Mac’s hard disk. However, make sure that you create a backup before starting this process.

  • If you want to restore your relevant data like documents, pictures or other important file, etc, then you must back up your data.

  • Make sure you are connected with your internet.

  • Restart your Mac and long press Cmd +R.

  • Click on Disk Utility option in the top of your screen.

  • Choose which partition you want to format and tap on “Erase.”

  • If you wish to remove your data securely, then you can select “Security options.”

  • In the Format menu, you can select0″ OS X Extended (journaled).”

  • Now you can choose “Erase,” and the process of formatting will start immediately.

  • After that, you can close the Disk Utility screen and Tap on “Reinstall OS X.

Formatting a Secondary Hard Drive

If you want to format a secondary hard drive, external or not, then here is what you need to do:

  • First, you can insert your USB or CD and then you can install the hard drive.

  • Select My Computer option.

  • Select the drive which you want to format and tap on the right.

  • After that, you can choose the file system.

  • You can give your drive a name in the volume label section.

  • If you want a quick format, then tick the option.

  • Now click on start option, and the formatting process will begin.

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