How to Find the Generation of Your Processor

In case you want to sell the computer or upgrade it, then it is necessary to have information about your processor. Apart from the frequency, you should also know the generation and model name. Here’s how to find the generation of your processor.

Steps to Find the Generation of Your Windows Laptop

•    Click twice on the This PC symbol provided on the desktop.

•    You need to right-click on the This symbol given in the menu list located on the left-hand corner of the screen.

•    Click the Properties button by going to the pull-down list.

•    Now, your laptop start showing the system information, which includes the generation of the processor and also the model.

•    The outdated version of Windows laptops will also show the generation of your processor and also the model, but this procedure will differ from generation to generation.

Steps to Find the Generation of Your Mac

•    Go to the About This Mac option.

•    Check the system information which is available on the screen.

•    The information regarding the processor will only show the model number.

•    Search for the date when your Mac is created, and also it’s model number.

•    Open the default browser.

•    Open Every Mac option.

•    On that window, press on the By Processor option.

•    You will get the Processors URL on that window.

•    Go down to the menu list to find the generation of your processor.

•    You will get the full name of your processor located on the right-hand corner of the Mac model number.

In case you do not have any problem to use Terminal on the Mac, then you can find you processor information on the Terminal. Just go through the steps mentioned below to do this procedure:

•    Open the Terminal on the Mac.

•    Go to the command: : sysctl machdep.cpu.brand.string.

•    The output will display you the model name of your processor which is installed on the Mac.

•    Additionally,  you can search for the processor information through the command: sysctl machdep.cpu.

•    You don’t have to place the full stop at the end of the command.

Steps to Find the Generation of Your Linux

•    Open the Terminal on your Linux.

•    Enter the given command: $ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep ‘model name’ | uniq.

•    Now, the terminal will show the menu list of the full model name of your processor given below the Laptop hood.
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