How to Deactivate or Temporarily Delete your Facebook Messenger

If you need to concentrate on a particular event for a few days and can’t keep yourself away from Facebook, the best solution is to deactivate your account. By deactivating your account, you don’t permanently delete it but make it temporarily unavailable for everyone and yourself. You can reactivate your Facebook account for accessing whenever you want later on, though.

Even if you deactivate your Facebook account, the Facebook Messenger remains active, and people can still contact you. It is possible to deactivate Facebook Messenger also, to completely detach yourself from Facebook and the associated people over there. Learn how to deactivate Facebook Messenger by the process given below.

Deactivating Facebook Messenger

You must deactivate your Facebook account first if you wish to deactivate Facebook Messenger. After deactivating your Facebook account, you can move for the deactivation process of Facebook Messenger. Follow these steps for deactivating Facebook Messenger:

  1. Tap on the Facebook Messenger app on your device to launch it successfully.

  2. Then, go to the upper left section and tap the profile picture of yours.

  3. Keep scrolling down till you see the Legal and Policies option.

  4. Once you see it, tap on it to move ahead with the process.

  5. You will see the Deactivate Messenger option on the next screen. Select it.

  6. Now, provide the password of your Facebook account in the demanded columns.

  7. Touch the Continue option to deactivate Facebook Messenger successfully.

For reactivating Facebook Messenger, sign in again on the Messenger app with your dedicated Facebook username and password. You will able to use the app as usual.

What happens after deactivating Facebook Messenger?

Once you deactivate Facebook Messenger with the use of the above-given process, nobody can see you on the Messenger app and chat with you. Though, you must know that when you reactivate the Facebook Messenger, your Facebook account automatically get activated as well. For using Messenger only and deactivate your main account, you will have to deactivate your account once again. Also, you can’t delete the Facebook account entirely and access Facebook Messenger only. You can’t get the associated Facebook data back if you delete your profile. Your profile will not look offline on Messenger, even if you deactivate the main account, and access it.

All in all, you must maintain your Facebook profile to access Messenger ideally!

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