How to Connect a Printer and Print from Chromebook

Connecting a printer to Google Chromebook is a bit easier and convenient process. Chromebook can be quickly connected with a wireless printer through the Wi-Fi. Not just printers, it connects easily with any device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network the Chromebook is. Together with this, joining a wired printer to Google’s Chromebook is also simple. Here is how to connect a printer and print from Chromebook.

How to set up a new Wireless printer on Chromebook

Turn on your Wireless printer and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Make sure to connect both your Chromebook and Wireless printer to the same Wi-Fi network. If you didn’t know how to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi network, check your printer guide. Generally, you can connect it from the settings menu or the Wi-Fi menu. Once you connect your printer to the same internet connection, follow these steps.

1.    Click on the ‘Clock’ on your Chromebook desktop.

2.    Next, click on the ‘Cog’ icon to navigate to Chromebook’s settings.

3.    Click on the bar written ‘Search settings’ into it at the top center of the settings panel.

4.    Click on ‘Printers’ from the searches.

5.    Then hit the blue ‘Add Printer’ button. This will open a list of the printer.

6.    Select your wireless printer.

7.    And click the small blue ‘Add’ button.

Now, you are ready to print documents and photos from your Chromebook.

What to do when Chromebook fails to connect a wireless printer?

Try again or add the printer manually. Yes, if your Chromebook fails to find or pair with your wireless printer, check everything and try connecting back with the above steps. Still doesn’t connect, add the printer manually. Here is how.

1.    Repeat the above 1-4 steps.

2.    Now this time, click on the ‘Add Manually’ button near the bottom left corner. This opens Add a printer manually dialog box on the screen.

3.    Click on Name field and type a name for the printer.

4.    Click in the Address box and enter the IP address of the printer into it. Check your printer display, or settings, or network or wireless configuration menu to find the printer’s IP address.

5.    Leave the next two fields as it is.

6.    And click the small blue ‘Add’ button.

7.    Then enter your printer’s company and model name.

8.    Again hit the ‘Add’ button when you fill everything correctly.

Your Chromebook will connect to your wireless printer. Now, you can start printing.

How to set up a wired printer or through a USB cable on Chromebook

If you’re using an old printer that doesn’t support Wireless connection or if your Chromebook cannot connect through Wi-Fi to your wireless printer, don’t fret. You have another way: Connect the printer physically with a USB cable. Here is how.

1.    Take a USB cable or an adapter (if required) of your Chromebook and printer specification.

2.    Connect the USB cable to your laptop and printer correctly to make a connection between them.

3.    After that,

4.    Open your Chrome’s settings by clicking on ‘Clock’ on the desktop.

5.    Click on the bar written ‘Search settings’ at the top.

6.    Select ‘Printers’ from the searches.

7.    Hit the blue ‘Add Printer’ button. This will open a list of the printer.

8.    Select your wired or wireless printer.

9.    And hit ‘Add’ button.

Once your Chromebook has completed pairing, it will connect to the printer. Now, you are ready to print documents and photos from your Chromebook. Open the page or photo you want to print and press ‘Ctrl + P.’

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