6 Best Time Management Apps To Make You More Productive

We all know that the lack of time management in our lives often leads us in great chaos and wastage of the time. Whether you are a busy working individual, student, or a learner, constant distractions around us does not let us focus on task. One cannot be productive in completing tasks with distractions. Here’s a collection of six best time management apps with excellent features to make you more productive..

1. Loop – Habit Tracker

Loop app helps an individual in creating good habits and helps in maintaining them too. The app is open source and is very easy to use. Loop – Habit Tracker helps users in achieving their long-term goals. It displays to users graphs and statistics, which shows how their habit has improved over time. One can see how their habits developed over time with beautiful and detailed graphs.

2. Focus@Will

Focus@Will is considered the best app in making an individual more productive. The app contains 50+ channels with tens of thousands of music, especially designed for the brain to be calm and more focused. The apps help users to implement tasks at the workplace with great efficiency and focus. Its brain music productivity feature helps in removing all distracting elements in one go.

3. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is available in iOS and Mac version. OmniFocus is a great app which manages the time of your entire day. You can quickly enter tasks when you are travelling and can process them when you get time. In the app, go to the forecast view option, and it will show both tasks as well as calendar events. Use the review perspective for keeping  your projects and tasks on track. This is a must-have app to be more productive

4. Noisli

Noisli app cuts background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. It has high-quality ambient sounds to help a user focus while working with more productivity. Noisli especially designed to get rid off from annoying noises at the workplace. The app has different mix sounds and creates a user’s perfect sound ambience tailored according to user’s need and taste. One can become more productive and can manage time with the companion app like Noisli.

5. Focus Booster

Working with a sharp focus not only helps in the efficient implementation of tasks, but it also makes a person more productive in managing time throughout the day. Focus Booster is an ideal app for freelancers, students, and driven individuals who want to make the most out of their time. In the app, users discover laser focus with the Pomodoro technique, can remove distracting stuff and elements. By using the app, users stay fresh with regular breaks and finish their day satisfied with their progress.

6. Asana

Asana keeps track of the user’s to-do list and alerts them by notifying with the reminder. Whether an individual is in a meeting or stuck in traffic, Asana quickly captures tasks, to-dos list, reminders, and even ideas. By using Asana, a user can get updates from teammates or colleagues, organize tasks and projects for work. Asana makes sure not to miss a single task of the user and is the best companion for working individuals.

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