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How to Download TV Shows and Movies on Netflix

If you are traveling in a plane or subway, it is hard to stream Netflix content with ease. It is also difficult to stream Netflix when the data is limited. In these cases, the best solution is to download the desired content and watch it even when you are offline. The process of downloading your favorite Netflix movies and shows is given below for you. Is it possible to download Netflix content? When it comes to offline viewing on Netflix, not all the TV shows and movies are available for download. You need to explore them by tapping the Downloads option given on the bottom section. There will be a dedicated Find More to Download or Find Something to Download option over there, for downloading. Once you tap the given Download button, you will be redirected to the Available for Download section of Netflix. From movies to shows, you will find everything to download in this section. However, it is not possible to search for any particular show or movie to download. Keep scrolling through

How to Optimize Instagram for Sales in 2019

For reaching a large number of Instagram users and driving sales, it is essential to learn a few things. The business community on Instagram has bloomed a lot, along with regular users, and destined to grow more in the coming times. There are already various brands that are generating good leads from Instagram and making a profit. A recent report suggests that almost 75 percent of users on Instagram take action on Instagram ads. They either only go to the dedicated website or link or purchase through the Instagram ads. If you also run a business or associated with a firm, you must optimize your Instagram profile for generating sales. These are a few of the best tips for   making a profit from Instagram: Make sure you have an Instagram business profile A lot of people, nowadays, directly search for brands on Instagram. Your Instagram business profile is no less than the website homepage for the ones who visit it. Hence, you need to curate the profile accordingly and make it appealin

What is Snapchat Map and How to Use it?

If you use Snapchat casually or regularly, you might have seen the Snapchat Map or Snap Map that is there in the app. Though, a lot of Snapchat user never go through the Snapchat Map and even don't know much about it. Are you one of them? If yes, worry not, you will get to know about the Snapchat Map over here. Let's have a detailed look at it. What exactly is the Snapchat Map? The Snapchat map showcases the users who uploaded new stories recently. The stories on Snapchat are uploaded through the "Our Stories" section and everyone, who use this platform, can access it easily. The stories highlighted on the Snapchat Map are shown according to the location and pinned on the Snap map accordingly. You will see various Stories by different Snapchat users on the world map. Click on the stories to see the uploaded pictures or videos. Opening the Snapchat Map through the app To check out stories posted by local Snapchat users through the Snapchat Map quickly, you will have to

How to Locate Lost or Stolen Android Phone

If you often forget things here and there and worry about losing your phone in any way, you must set up the tracking system before anything terrible happens. It is easy to find a lost or stolen phone if it is connected to the internet. All the associated tracking options are connected with Google. Hence it is necessary to have a dedicated Google account as well. Let's go through the whole finding process step by step. Locating an Android phone using Google Majority of Android smartphones consist of Find My Device, which was earlier known as Android Device Manager, already. It helps you with tracking the location of your phone. You can use your computer or someone's phone to check the last location of the device. It is necessary that your phone is set up, ideally to be found. If it is not set up in that way, things will not be easy for you. Enabling Find My Device on Android device The latest Android devices already feature the Find My Device option in the Settings app. If you c

Ultimate Back Up Guide for Wedding Photographers

It is very heartbreaking for newlyweds and even photographers when wedding photos are lost due to an issue. Hence, backing up photos has become very important as a wedding photographer. If others know that you – as a photographer – have not been able to manage the wedding photographs ideally, your reputation is ruined as well. Here is what you can do to ensure that the wedding photographs that you click stay safe and secured. Have a camera with double memory card slots Earlier, photographers had to shoot with the use of a single memory card slot only. But now there is an option to use the second memory card slot as well. Those who are experienced enough can continue with a single slot. However, if you are scared of the memory card issues, you need to consider the dual card slot option. Camera manufacturers even these days use dual memory card slot as a marketing strategy, but the prices are sky-high as well. Wedding photographers, who are getting started, need to consider the price als

How to Activate PUA Protection to Block Unwanted/Harmful Programs

Microsoft has enhanced the capabilities of the Windows built-in antivirus by adding an additional feature ‘PUA Protection’ to Windows Defender. The tool works as a guard by blocking the potentially unwanted programs from entering the system. Although Windows Defender Antivirus already protects the system and files from various types of viruses and threats. With the addition of this feature, Windows Antivirus became more powerful, now it also detects and blocks the harmful programs. You can enable the PUA (Potentially Unwanted Antivirus) Protection feature on your computer to prevent the programs unwanted program from entering to your device. This will also identify and block the applications that may have the chances containing infected files or affect your device performance. If you want to use the feature in your PC, then here is the guide activate PUA Protection in a system. How to activate PUA protection in a system to block unwanted or harmful programs Windows Defender is the firs

How to Compress the File Size with NTFS Compression

Now in Windows, you don’t need to download an external disk cleaner app or clean files manually to free up space. Microsoft has added a great utility tool in Windows 10, known as NTFS compression. It is a type of compression feature that is designed to reduce the file size to save storage space. While it is a lightweight compression tool, but it includes various settings. Here is how to use NTFS compression to compress the file size on Windows 10. How to reduce file size with NTFS file compression Compressing the file with NTFS file compression is the simplest way to make the file size smaller without doing any extra settings or compressing the complete drive. It will reduce the file size automatically, even without affecting the performance. Go through the below points to compress files or folder in your Windows 10 PC with NTFS compression. 1.    Launch the ‘File Explorer.’ 2.    Browse a folder that you would like to use to save the compressed files. 3.    Then, click on the ‘Home’ t

How to Turn On Developer Options on Android

It is possible to control your Android device in a better way with the use of built-in Developer Options. Though, the Developer Options section consists of things that need to be controlled by those who are aware of them only. If you don’t have any idea of any particular option or tool, don’t change anything. Or, you can check the default setting before making any changes to stay on the safe side. Even if anything goes wrong, you will get the option to go back to the default settings in this way. On that note, let’s check out how you can enable Developer option on your Android device. Enabling Developer Option on Android device The Android device that you use matters as well. If we consider Google Pixel 3 XL, in that case, it runs Android 9 Pie and provides the stock Android experience that comes ideally designed by Google. Things might not be the same in your Android device. Check out the key differences first on your phone then move to the process, which is destined to be almost the

How to Connect a Printer and Print from Chromebook

Connecting a printer to Google Chromebook is a bit easier and convenient process. Chromebook can be quickly connected with a wireless printer through the Wi-Fi. Not just printers, it connects easily with any device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network the Chromebook is. Together with this, joining a wired printer to Google’s Chromebook is also simple. Here is how to connect a printer and print from Chromebook. How to set up a new Wireless printer on Chromebook Turn on your Wireless printer and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Make sure to connect both your Chromebook and Wireless printer to the same Wi-Fi network. If you didn’t know how to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi network, check your printer guide. Generally, you can connect it from the settings menu or the Wi-Fi menu. Once you connect your printer to the same internet connection, follow these steps. 1.    Click on the ‘Clock’ on your Chromebook desktop. 2.    Next, click on the ‘Cog’ icon to navigate to Chromebook’s settings.

How to Deactivate or Temporarily Delete your Facebook Messenger

If you need to concentrate on a particular event for a few days and can’t keep yourself away from Facebook, the best solution is to deactivate your account. By deactivating your account, you don’t permanently delete it but make it temporarily unavailable for everyone and yourself. You can reactivate your Facebook account for accessing whenever you want later on, though. Even if you deactivate your Facebook account, the Facebook Messenger remains active, and people can still contact you. It is possible to deactivate Facebook Messenger also, to completely detach yourself from Facebook and the associated people over there. Learn how to deactivate Facebook Messenger by the process given below. Deactivating Facebook Messenger You must deactivate your Facebook account first if you wish to deactivate Facebook Messenger. After deactivating your Facebook account, you can move for the deactivation process of Facebook Messenger. Follow these steps for deactivating Facebook Messenger: Tap on th

Tips For Word Processing Efficiency and Epson Ink Cartridges

With more correspondence occurring electronically versus up close and personal, it’s imperative to ensure you work to turn into an increasingly compelling communicator when managing the composed word. Regardless of whether you weren’t brought into the world with a characteristic capacity to compose, word preparing is something that can turn out to be natural. By utilizing the instruments that are accessible to you, it’s conceivable to make a high effect and expert archives. A printer and Epson ink cartridges will positively assume a job in the accomplishment of how your last ventures show up, however, you can make things substantially more effective with a couple of simple tips. So as to compose productively in a word handling program, it’s essential to recollect that recursive composing is more viable than direct. When you compose recursively, you will return and edit or alter your work before concluding it. That enables you to compose more quickly than a direct essayist would. A dire

How to Disable Email Threads in Gmail and Hotmail

The email threads feature is designed to provide you more convenient and easy access to the emails by organizing the emails in Gmail and Hotmail. But most of the people don’t like getting the emails from the single source and they wish to get all the emails separately. If you are one of them, then follow the instructions mentioned below to disable email threads. Steps to Disable Email Threads in Gmail •    Open your default internet browser like Mozilla Firefox. •    Enter the Gmail in the search box of the default internet browser. •    Click on the Enter button. •    Now, go to the log in page of Gmail. •    Select a correct account to sign in to the Gmail. •    Enter the password or create one of the Gmail accounts. •    Press on the Next option located on the Gmail page. •    After signing in to the Gmail account successfully, press on the gear symbol provided at the upper side of the Gmail page. •    After pressing on this symbol, you will get a context menu on display. •    Click

How to Fix Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Error

Samsung has expanded its fast charging feature, but currently, lots of users are facing Samsung wireless charging paused error. And after a few seconds of connecting the Samsung phone on the charger, the Wireless Charging Paused text appears on the screen. Go through the different solutions listed below to fix this error on your Samsung phone. Here’s How to Fix Samsung Wireless Charging Paused Error • Enable the Fast Wireless Charging Option 1.    Go down to the notifications pane. 2.    Choose the Settings symbol. 3.    Press on the Advanced Features button provided in the Settings tab. 4.    Click on the Accessories option. 5.    Enable the Fast Wireless Charging button given below the Fast Wireless Charger title. 6.    Plug in the charger. 7.    You have to check whether Samsung wireless charging paused error is fixed or not. •   Update Play Store App 1.    Click on the Google Play Store symbol. 2.    After that, click on the menu option located in the upper left-hand side of the di

How to Find the Generation of Your Processor

In case you want to sell the computer or upgrade it, then it is necessary to have information about your processor. Apart from the frequency, you should also know the generation and model name. Here’s how to find the generation of your processor. Steps to Find the Generation of Your Windows Laptop •    Click twice on the This PC symbol provided on the desktop. •    You need to right-click on the This symbol given in the menu list located on the left-hand corner of the screen. •    Click the Properties button by going to the pull-down list. •    Now, your laptop start showing the system information, which includes the generation of the processor and also the model. •    The outdated version of Windows laptops will also show the generation of your processor and also the model, but this procedure will differ from generation to generation. Steps to Find the Generation of Your Mac •    Go to the About This Mac option. •    Check the system information which is available on the screen. •   

How to Enable Built-In Administrator Account on Windows 8

Windows 8 has a built-in administrator account, and it is turned off by default. You will not be able to get the Administrator symbol on the sign in the window, but there are many ways to turn it on manually. Some of the methods mentioned below are offline methods which do not need an internet connection or signing in to the administrator account. Steps to Enable Built-In Administrator account on Windows 8 Through Command Prompt •    Click on the Windows button on the system keyboard. •    Enter the “command prompt” or “cmd” in the search box. •    You need to right-click on the symbol. •    Select the “Run it as administrator” option. •    Enter the below mentioned command: net user administrator /active: yes •    Click on the Enter option. •    You can sign out from the Administrator account which shows as an option in the sign in the window. Steps to Enable Built-In Administrator Account Through Windows 8 Boot Media •    Connect the USB of the Windows 8 boot media. •    Start the sy

How to Fix Windows Search Bar Not Working

Windows 10 has many handy features. Because of the interconnection, you will face the Windows search bar not working issue. This a minor problem which you can fix by starting your system again. But in case you are still facing this issue after restarting your system, then follow some of the other methods which are mentioned below. Steps to Fix Windows Search Bar Not Working by Restarting the Cortana Process •    You need to right-click on the toolbar. •    Otherwise, keep pressing on the touchscreen device. •    Press on the Task Manager option by going to the menu list. •    Open the Processes option. •    Choose the “Task Manager” option, and it will open as the default option. •    In case it is not, then you will get an option on the upper left-hand side of the display. •    Ensure that you choose the More details option located at the end of the display. •    Search for the Cortana below the processes option. •    You need to right-click on the option. •    After that, press on th

Lexmark With Impressive Features

The printer is a basic component of a work environment, which is utilized regularly. In this way, it ends up important to claim an ink proficient printer, which can limit the costs, even it implies a tiny piece of the entirety. Lexmark X7676 Pro is one such printer which offers plentiful highlights alongside print cartridges which are known for their ink proficient highlights. X7576 Pro is an inkjet shading printer which can produce B&W prints at accelerate to 32 pages/moment, and shading prints up to 27 pages/minute. Lexmark printers are known for their fantastic goals and this one also conveys fine goals up to 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi for B&W and 4800 dpi x 2400 dpi. With regards to media dealing with limit, X7576 Pro demonstrates its value once more. The obligation cycle offered by the printer is around 5000 sheets/month. It can deal with up to 100 sheets at any given moment. To give quick data about the print task, X7576 is outfitted with LCD show of 2.4 in. The most extreme pri

How to Record Audio Using Audacity on Mac

Audacity is known as the best free audio recording application. Through this application, you can make a high-ranking recording, which provides low distortion and balanced audio. This article shows you how to install Audacity app, how to use it, and how to record audio using Audacity on Mac. Steps to Record Audio Using Audacity on Mac •    Firstly, go to the DMG file extension. •    Start installing Audacity on the Mac. •    You can’t download this application through the App Store. •    You have to go to its online site. •    On the online site, you will get the “click here for instant download’ option. •    You have to go through the three windows to open the file. •    Once you have completed the installation process, press on the cmd and space keys together. •    Enter “auda” in the given box. •    Press on the Enter option to open the application. •    You can open the application through the launcher. •    Select mono recording by pressing on the pull-down list. •    The Audacity

How to Put iPhone & iPad into DFU Mode

DFU mode helps you to place your iPhone where it can easily interact with iTunes.  Need to put iPhone & iPad into DFU mode? Then follow the instructions mentioned below to complete this process on your iPhone and iPad. Steps to Put iPhone XR, XS, or XS Max into DFU Mode •    Connect the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max to the Windows or Mac computer. •    Ensure that you are running iTunes. •    Disable the iPhone XR, XS, or XS Max in case you have not disabled the iPhone yet. •    Press and release the volume up key. •    Press and release the volume down key. •    Keep pressing on the side key till you get the Power Off slider on the screen. •    Pull the slider to switch on the iPhone. •    Keep pressing on the side key provided on the iPhone for a few seconds. •    You still need to keep pressing on the side key, •    Keep pressing on the volume down key provided on the left-hand corner of the iPhone. •    Long press on both the keys for a few seconds. •    In case you get the Apple symbo

Download CA Foundation Model Question Papers/Sample papers

We request you to give your 2 min to read this article and know the importance of CA Foundation model question papers /sample papers and how to download it, which will surely help you in gaining confidence in your preparation. Are you prepared for your exams? This question whenever asked leaves you in a state of confusion. But here is a tip to follow to give a confirm reply of ‘YES’ to this question. “Revising Sample paper or Model paper” CA foundation exam is entrance or foundation of CA course. Though CA exams are considered as toughest exams, but CA foundation exam is considered an easy getaway. You can Download ICAI CA Foundation Model test paper for May 2019 from various sources. There are only 4 papers where Paper 1 and paper  2 papers are subjective which means you need to write theories and solve problems in answer sheets. Paper 3 and Paper 4 are objective types papers where you are asked questions on MCQ pattern, just getting the right answers and marking it on OMR sheet. CA F

HP Printer Support With Technical Support Companies

Printers play out a basic capacity which makes them very fundamental in your rundown of fringe gadgets. It isn’t without reason that it includes in the topmost prevalent fringe gadgets. The notoriety has even taken off higher with the presentation of multi-work printers. The New Age Devices Multi-work printers are the new thing in the developing field of printer innovation. Accessible as a minimal gadget, you can print, sweep, fax and duplicate every one of your reports with simply this one single gadget. These multifunction printers join the most recent innovation with different astute highlights like a greater archive holder, programmed report feeder and lighter weight. Also, these printers offer speeds more than 25 pages for each moment and can finish a cycle of more than 50,000 pages in a month. This is sufficient for the necessities of most business, not to mention close to home or home utilization. HP Printer Support and Technical Support Companies With such cutting edge innovati

Top 6 Best Arcade Games for Android Devices of 2019

Arcade games are known for short time play, tough challenges, and a regular gameplay. In an arcade game, the challenges get harder and harder as you move ahead. Some most popular arcade games of all time are Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Cut The Rope and Bad Piggies. These games are highly addictive and exciting. So let’s discuss some of the latest arcade games that you can play in your Android phone. So let’s get into it. 1. Asphalt 9: Legends It is the latest arcade racing game for Android phones and tablets. We all know about Asphalt’s previous games that have tons of mind-blowing visuals and effects. The game controls are pretty straightforward, and the graphics feel very natural. Asphalt 9: Legends has dozens of missions to finish. You can unlock different cars and can also play an online multiplayer mode. Asphalt 9: Legends can give you the joy of driving luxury cars on endless expressways. On straight highways, your supercars can run faster than the speed of light. 2. Crossy Road   

Yahoo Customer Service Number for All Your Yahoo Email Queries

Resolve Your Query from Yahoo Customer Service You can accomplish settled and outstanding help for your Yahoo mail related issues from specialists on the off chance that you are not able to login into your record because your email isn’t open anymore. You can dial Yahoo Customer Service Number +1-877-929-3373 . Your online live accounts are connected with this email that you need to get resolved. One can connect with professionals and experts at the point requirement. To attain fixed support and services for help and to come across any glitch or attention you have been facing you can depend upon experts for help. The list of the technical assistance that we are providing as below: Hacked Yahoo mail account Blocked Yahoo mail account Signing in issues with Yahoo Settings related problems Compromised Yahoo mail account SMTP error Privacy related concern Blocked account related issues Approach Yahoo Customer Service Number for Fix Up the Issues: You can immediatel

Top 5 Best Strategy Games For Android of 2019

Strategy games are the oldest game genre in human timeline. Some of the most popular strategy games are chess, carom, billiard, and card games. Strategy games were played before the advent of the computer. But the computers and the era of video games has taken strategy games to the next level. The basics of these games are still the same. You need strategies well to win a game. Today, we will talk about some of the best Android strategy games that you will love to play in your free time. 1. The Escapists This game is very attractive and makes you strategize to win a challenge. Basically you need to escape from prison without buzzing the siren. To escape from the cell, you will make a strategy such as digging the ground to make a tunnel, wear a security guard’s dress, or find another way. The most challenging things are obvious: You need to avoid getting caught by security. 2. Age Of Civilizations This game is basically a cross between a strategy and a board game. You will have to win o