HP Printer Doesn’t Print Black?

Fix the print black Error Check your ink cartridge:

  1. Change ink cartridges on ink or empty

  1. Ensure that the ink cartridges are in place and they are properly installed in their respective slots.

  1. To make sure that you have installed a new cartridge, then you have removed the tape on the vent.

  1. Check whether the cartridge ventilation hole has sprinkled. You can solve this by using the pin to gradually eliminate the obstruction in ventilation.

  1. Try to use a different ink cartridge to determine whether your printer can recognize the cartridge. If your printer used to work with the old cartridge, then try to restore that old cartridge and see if your printer generates some type of output; Any brown shade will be sufficient.

We only have to decide whether it is a cartridge or print head which is causing problems. If your printer can print something with the old cartridge, then it is not a print head, but it can be your new black cartridge

Check your print head:

  1. If the replacement of the ink cartridge does not work, the next thing to check is your print head. Make sure your print head is not full Most printers are an automatic print head cleaning, but you can remove the print head of your printer, you can clean it manually. Here’s an article that talks about how to manually clean the print head of an Epson printer (worth checking out, even if your printer has a different brand).

  1. If you run automatic print head cleaning function, then run it again for the second or third time. There is a limit on how much-automated cleaning work can do. Not to mention that the automated cleaning work of the print head uses a lot of ink.

  1. To print the printer to HP printers, you can find this option on your printer’s LCD screen: Settings> Tools innovative solutions

If this is not a cartridge and not a printhead, then it is possible that the software/printer driver is pinching the paper

Try changing the “Printers” to “Shiny Photo Paper” This applies only when there are two black cartridges in your printer, which are based on the dye and other pigments. The type of black ink using your printer Pigments works best with black matte and shiny paper when switching from one type of paper to another, we expect to activate or jump.

At this point, if it still does not work and you are sure that it is not a cartridge or printhead, then continue and reconfigure your printer. If your printer stopped working after your PC or Mac operating system, try uninstalling and restoring your printer driver. You can find a downloadable version on your printer’s creator‘s website. And even if you have not updated your operating system, then proceed and reinstall your driver anyway.

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