HP Laptop Battery Issues 2019?

Troubleshooting the HP Laptop battery to remove the HP Laptop battery and check the contact points to make sure they are not damaged. Unplug the AC power cable for insert the battery into the battery compartment on the bottom of the HP Laptop.

This document is to HP Laptop that has a removable battery

If your HP Laptop battery does not power the HP Laptop or will not hold a charge to troubleshoot the battery to see if it needs to be replaced if the battery indicator LED, for use, this located near the power icon, does not glow or always blinks, there is a battery problem. Your HP Laptop might operate correctly when it is this is connected to the power adapter, but not when using battery power.

Troubleshoot the HP Laptop power supply

Before troubleshooting the HP Laptop battery, make sure the power supply is functioning properly. Use the following steps to check for an AC adapter and power source. Verify that you are using the AC power adapter that came with the HP Laptop. The HP Laptop was shipped with the correct power adapter; however, if you have multiple adapters, make sure that you are using the correct one for your HP Laptop. Older adapters were rated at 60 watts, but newer HP Laptop requires adapters with 90 or 130 watts.

Plug the AC adapter into a functioning wall outlet, not a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source, then make sure the HP Laptop is receiving power from the power source by checking the following Verify that all power cord connections are secure. Check the AC adapter brick and make sure that any removable cords are secure for HP Laptop. If the AC adapter connected to the HP Laptop is loose, the connector might be damaged and require repair. Contact HP Laptop for further assistance. Test the AC adapter using the UEFI Hardware Diagnostic tests.

If the HP Laptop starts and you would like to test the AC adapter, use the following steps:

Make sure the power cord and adapter are connected to the system and wall outlet HP Laptop. Press and hold the power button until the HP Laptop turns off completely. Turn on the HP Laptop. Immediately press the F2 key repeatedly, about once every second, HP Laptop until the UEFI Hardware Diagnostics screen is displayed.

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