How to Play YouTube Videos on Locked Phone Screen

YouTube is one of the most famous video sharing sites in the world. When you lock your phone screen, YouTube automatically stops playing video. In this article, you will get to know how you can play YouTube videos after locking the phone screen.

Steps for Playing YouTube Videos Using Mozilla Firefox

•    In case you are using an Android phone, then move the YouTube video by using the Mozilla Firefox browser application rather than through the YouTube app.

•    In case you use the YouTube application to do this procedure, then the audio will still play even when you lock your phone screen.

•    You do not have the control while playing the audio on the background when the phone screen is locked.

•    You need to unlock the phone screen so that you can play YouTube video.

Steps for Playing YouTube Videos Using Google Chrome

•    The Google Chrome browsing application is the same as the Mozilla Firefox browser.

•    Click on the Google Chrome browsing application.

•    Go to the YouTube website.

•    Start playing any video on YouTube.

•    In case the phone screen is locked, then the YouTube video still play on the device screen.

•    You can use pause and play options by using the lock screen.

•    Check that the Google Chrome browsing application should be in the Desktop Mode on the device.

Here are the steps mentioned below to do so:

1.    Go to the Google Chrome browsing software.

2.    Click on the three dots located on the upper right-hand side of the display.

3.    Choose the “Request Desktop Site” option by going to the results drop-down list showing on display.

4.    Now, you will get the webpage into a large size on the desktop.

5.    In case you have the Google Chrome internet browser which is in the desktop mode, then you cannot control the playback function through the phone lock screen.

Steps for Playing YouTube Videos Using Safari Browser

The steps as mentioned above are for Android users, but these steps for the users who have an iPhone.

•    You need to use the Safari internet browser to play the YouTube video which you wish to.

•    In case you do this procedure, then the audio content will play on the background by using the phone lock screen.

•    iPhone users can also use the Mozilla Firefox browsing software to play the same selected YouTube video. You can control this playback feature by using the Mozilla Firefox feature.

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