Effective Ways to Troubleshoot Orange Screen of Death Error on Windows 10

Whenever Windows 10 encounters some strict functioning issues, it shows one uncommon issue, the Windows 10 Orange Screen of Death. One of the main culprit behind this issue is hardware, and the GPU issues majorly cause it. Though this error is less ordinary than one of the known Blue Screen of Death, Green Screen of Death, Black Screen of Death errors, but somehow it does occur, In case, if you are troubling with an Orange Screen of Death error or direct boots up to an orange screen. Although this error can be occurred on the screen due to various other reasons such as some found this error while watching YouTube videos, some users were not able to boot into the Windows and alternatively saw an error message which says: “FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE or WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR”

Here we provide you some troubleshooting steps which helps you in fixing the Orange Screen of Death error on Windows 10. Well, the process is quite simple, but due to some issues, users may face some technical issues. Because of issues process will be more difficult and much time-consuming. Instead, if you follow them in the same manner as discussed below will help you in saving your precious time and efforts. The steps are discussed below.

 Steps to Troubleshoot Orange Screen of Death Error on Windows 10

Furthermore, this Orange Screen of Death error may occur while your system is waking up from sleep. Many had this issue with BitLocker, while some had troubled with this issue while using the second monitor on the screen. Below are some tips and tricks that can help you in resolving issues and permanently resolved the Orange Screen of Death error. They are as follows:

  1. Long click the ‘Power’ tab to reboot Windows 10 computer system.

  2. Now, wait for a minute or until the computer system starts to reboot. Probably, this simple steps might help you in fixing the issue.

  3. Check that ‘Duet Display’ is installed on your computer system, if yes, uninstall it immediately. However, Ddkmd.sys is a component of Duet Display which is well-known to cause your system and crashes on Windows.

  4. After that, Unplug unwanted external hardware connected with your device like printers, webcams, additional monitors, mice, headphones and check if the problem resolved or not. If not, try to follow the next method.

  5. Carefully removing the Overclock tools and settings. Whenever you overclock your system, it simply indicates that you are changing your hardware clock rate, voltage, multiplier which might be generating more heat inside your system. Consequently, GPU or CPU might become unstable. Moreover, Orange Screen of Death error signifies that your GPU is overloaded.

  6. Eliminate softOSD software from Windows 10. Many users have recently reported that softOSD.exe might cause Orange Screen of Death errors on Windows 10 computer system. We suggest you remove the softOSD software from your computer system. For this, follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  7. Navigate to the ‘Start’ tab.

  8. Under the ‘Start’ tab, choose ‘Settings’ option.

  9. After that, choose ‘System’ option.

  10. Now, select ‘Apps & Features’ appears in the left pane of the screen.

  11. Next, find out softOSD from the given list, click on it, and then press the ‘Uninstall’ tab to uninstall the application.

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