5 Best Tools for Downloading Videos from Instagram

Instagram is a popular and favorite social media apps for many. Its easy to use and exciting interface keeps users glued to their smartphones. You can continuously use Instagram to watch various types of entertaining and relatable content in the form of pictures and videos. From celebrities’ updates to hilarious memes, you can stay updated with everything with the use of this excellent app. Some of the featured content on Instagram is so good that you want to save them on your device. Unfortunately, there is no save option on the app. You will have to take the screenshot of the image or video to keep in your device forever. Or, you can use specific tools to download content.

These are the best tools for downloading Instagram videos:

1. Instant Save

If you wish to download your favorite videos from Instagram, you must get the Instant Save in your phone. It can even keep the downloaded videos organized in its library. For downloading any Instagram video, find the icon with three dots on the post and tap on it. Then, choose the Copy Link option from the available menu that you see on the screen. The selected video will start downloading automatically in the form of MP4. You can easily watch the downloaded video whenever you want from the Instant Save library.

2. SwiftSave

It is easy to download Instagram photos and videos with the use of SwiftSave app. It features a clean and comfortable to use user interface and lets you download videos from Instagram with ease. Even, it gives you the option to save more than one pictures and share Instagram content with friends and much more. You don’t have to worry about download limit with this app as it allows unlimited downloading. For watching all the downloaded content, visit the gallery section on your phone. This android app is available on Google Play Store for downloading.

3. FastSave for Instagram

FastSave is another excellent application for saving photos and videos from various Instagram users. It even allows you to repost photos that you saved on your phone’s gallery to your Instagram profile. The best thing about FastSave app is that you can hide the saved Instagram content from others through using its secret locker features. It is a free app that demands no in-app purchases.

4. Save from web

This one is a web app and an ideal tool for downloading videos from Instagram. It allows you to not only download a single Instagram post but the entire available album, profile pictures, and stories. Install anything is not necessary on your device to use this tool. Only a stable internet connection is required to use this web app. Directly go to the Copy URL section and paste the link on the website for downloading the desired content. It is no doubt one of the best tools for downloading Instagram videos and pictures.

5. IV Saver

If you don’t want to give much effort into downloading Instagram videos, then IV Saver app is the perfect option for you. It not only saves your favorite content with ease but even capable of saving captions, post location, and other relevant information of the posts. You can directly start using this app without providing any account information. It is possible to organize the saved content on either the phone’s gallery or inside this app. This particular app is available for Android users only. Get this app from the Google Play Store to enjoy the content that you love on Instagram.

All in all, these are the best tools that you can use to download Instagram Videos!
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